July 1, 2020 Valholla Staff

Indie Pop Artist Jack Boyd releases his 4-song EP, titled ‘By Your Side’

Austin, Texas-based recording artist Jack Boyd released his 4 track EP titled ‘By Your Side’ on Friday (June 26). Here’s what he said about his lead single “POS” via Popmuzik.

“POS came to be like most other songs I make. I sat down to make music with a guitar lead in mind and built the track from there. The message of the song kind of just poured out of me, It came from a place of self-hatred and feeling like I’m not living to my full potential or being unable to get there or even lying to myself that there’s a better me out there that I could Achieve. It also touches on the relationship side of things and how that feeling can affect the other person in the relationship. I talk about how I am emotionally unavailable and I have a certain lack of care because I am consumed by feeling like a POS. This was one of the easier songs for me to make as I feel like it’s kind of my most vulnerable state as well as my most natural state. I think of POS as like my anthem song and I’m proud to say that I’m nowhere close to perfect.” -Jack Boyd

The entire EP was written and produced by Jack Boyd. Packaging photos by Jasmine Archie. Listen to the sample of the EP below and add it to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Audiomack. Available everywhere else.


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