Founded in 2005
Valholla Worldwide Entertainment Group

Valholla Worldwide Entertainment Group (formally Valholla Entertainment, Inc.) was founded in 2005 by Chairman and CEO, Vince Valholla after developing the concept to launch an independent record label that would represent a new era in the music business. Today, the label is home to a top-notch, musically diverse set of individuals committed to reaching the heights of their creative endeavors. The Valholla brand is built on the principle that a proven track record of consistent, high quality material is the key to long-term success. And music is only the beginning – the company has expanded their services to include artist management, publishing, video production, apparel, merchandising and tech.

Of Valholla’s many strong suits, their ability to employ innovative music marketing techniques is among their strongest. With an expert knowledge of digital marketing that continually rivals those of major labels; they’ve repeatedly set the standard for independent labels in the digital age. Click HERE for information on our Innovative Marketing with Bleu Odin.

We also offer consultation for business professionals and investors seeking to enter into the music sector. Click HERE for more details.

Founded in Miami, FL

Our company currently is focused on releasing music via our “Label is the Artist” model.

Music Rights Company | Valholla Records, a division of Valholla Worldwide Entertainment Group (formally Valholla Entertainment)
Founded | 2005
City | Miami, FL

Valholla Worldwide Entertainment Group is an independent music label and management company. Founded in 2005, our company has experienced regional success and national notoriety. In 2023, our main music imprint, Valholla Records will focus on a “Label is the Artist” business model which will produce and market music it owns and controls while also discovering and developing new talent.


Music Label (Valholla)


Merchandise (Bleu Vessel)


Brand Management


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Join the Empire

The future of our label is deeply connected to collaboration. If you are an artist, producer or songwriter and you would like to work with us, please reach out.

Label is the Artist

Our label focuses on the “Label is the Artist” business model. This means our focus is collaboration versus signing artists directly.

Brand Management

We started our management division in 2007 and we are equipped to manage brands, artist and any creative you could think of.


With our partnership with Bleu Vessel, we are able to provide our partners with quality products and introduce unique approach to merchandising.

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