Long Live the Valholla Empire
Long Live the Valholla Empire

Here’s my multi-year plan for working our single, FOREVER

For 17 years straight, I’ve always been working at least one record or single. These days, it’s a little different. In 2019, I announced that I’d be releasing music via a rotating collective called Vince & The Valholla Empire.

I started this collective because, in my many years of working in music, I’ve often come across amazing songs that never see the light of day. The reasons could range from the songs not having a “home” with a particular artist or label. Or simply because the recording artist doesn’t want to release it. I wanted to change that.

I wanted a vehicle to release songs that I produced or believed in. And also create amazing bodies of work. As of today, I’ve had 8 single releases across 17 tracks. Our release FOREVER is with producer/songwriter/recording artist ADN Lewis. So far, in under a year, the song is approaching 200K combined streams.

I produced the song with The Track Burnaz, Vegas Fontaine, Curtis Richardson, and ADN Lewis and it is inspired by 90s R&B that I grew up listening to. FOREVER is one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever been a part of. I believe in it and our label is doing something that will ensure the world hears it.

So far, we’ve released 13 versions of FOREVER (including 5 remixes, instrumentals, the acapella, and a sped-up version). Currently, there is a range of remixes planned and in the works in different languages, genres, and vibes.

Our label, Valholla Records plans on pushing this song… Forever. By next year, we’re expecting to release a total of 40 remixes, each touching new audiences and countries. 40 remixes exceed the Guinness World Record for most remixes that appeared on a Top 100 album, but more on that later.

Now, I want you to understand, that although we’re working on this plan, we still will be releasing new music monthly and we’ll be working on every release. The releases that have momentum will get an extra push but FOREVER will be a song that the world is guaranteed to consume.

At first, I had a plan of pushing this single until it at least goes RIAA-certified GOLD. But now, we’re not stopping until it goes platinum. Then, we’ll do our normal catalog push from there on out.

The multi-pronged approach doesn’t stop at remixes. I’m currently putting the framework together for a short film based on the song. We also will be producing content around the song including official music videos…. Yes, more than one music video.

This push is simply the beginning of what our company has planned for future releases. With our releases through our collectives, we can lead on marketing and promotion, and gives me freedom as a creator and executive. (THE “LABEL IS THE ARTIST” BUSINESS MODEL CHANGED EVERYTHING FOR ME)

Thanks to everyone who pressed play on FOREVER… if you haven’t, trust me, you’ll hear it.

Listen to “Perfect” by Adam Dollar$

Baton Rouge-based recording artist Adam Dollar$ (@adamdollars) releases the follow-up single to”Boomerang 3.0″, and “My Love.” In the new Euro$ Beats produced track, “Perfect”, Adam Dollar$ solidifes himself as the industry’s top independent wordsmith.

Listen to Perfect on Spotify below or click HERE for any other platform. Out now via Per Capita LLC, distributed by Valholla Records.

Rotating Collective, Vince & The Valholla Empire releases FOREVER (Jordy Sam ‘93 Remix) with ADN Lewis

With the recent announcement of the second volume of Vince & The Valholla’s remix series in support of the R&B single FOREVER with ADN Lewis, comes the first remix from the upcoming set.

FOREVER (Jordy Sam ‘93 Remix) released officially today. The release features production from Washington State based producer Jordy Sam.

FOREVER – The Remixes, Volume Two is set for release soon. Volume One and the Empire Pack with all of the latest Vince & The Valholla Empire releases is available now via Valholla Records.


Written by Curtis Richardson and ADN Lewis
Produced by Jordy Sam
Co-Produced by Vince Valholla, The Track Burnaz, Vegas Fontaine, Curtis Richardson, ADN Lewis
Vocal Production by Curtis Richardson and ADN Lewis
Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Russo
Executive Produced by Vince Valholla
Label: Valholla Records

Here’s what independent labels will have to do to thrive in the music business (especially if you don’t have a megastar) in 2024 and beyond

Let me start by saying this. An artist selling their catalogs to an indie label is different from an indie label owning that catalog in perpetuity from the beginning. Big difference. So, now that we’ve established that, after running an independent label for 18 years, I decided to (for the foreseeable future) not enter into any new “traditional record deals” with any recording artists. I believe that an artist should own their masters unless they decide to sell. An artist should treat their music as a business to ensure that its worth is high enough to have a chance of selling, even if they don’t intend to sell.

For major labels, I get it. They are all publicly traded, so they get a pass, although they’ve had to adjust to more licensing agreements than usual. As for independent labels, there have to be ways of controlling output without owning masters from artists. Licensing, distribution, and label services are all great for artists and a way for labels to work with artists on their terms. As far as the business of the label, the downside is you are participating in an asset that you might not be a part of when and if your company sells if you wanted to eventually exit.

Labels need to have a business model in place to ethically produce releases, consistently, that they have ownership in. Enter the “label is the artist model.” This model isn’t necessarily new but, leaning into it at scale brings it to a whole new space. Here’s how it works. The label or imprint hires a creative director, and that individual’s task is to produce music through collaboration. The label can be specific on what they want or they may let the creative director* have free reign to create. All songwriters and producers involved receive points on the master recording and own a share of publishing. Everything is fair and it’s the label’s job to market the song or collection of songs because they commissioned it. *Note: A creative director should be a music producer or someone with the ability to executive produce releases from start to finish.

Take a look at the diagram below. The creative director earns publishing, master recording royalties, merchandise royalties, and a percentage of live events and content or films in connection to the imprint. This gives the label a more predictable long game with a section of its catalog and more control over marketing and consistency. Revenue from this side of your independent label will help fund your label so you can make deals that are more favorable to artists and there’s way less risk.


The majors already have a head start. All three have deep catalogs ranging decades. If you don’t have a superstar on your roster, you need to make sure you have a string of releases in your pipeline. When done right, this model will help any label keep a consistent release schedule in between your releases with artists on your label.

As of this year, my company, Valholla Records (a division of Valholla Worldwide Entertainment Group) is spending the next few years focusing on this business model to build one of the largest independent catalogs in the world. I just started a new discord documenting me running this company relying mostly on this model. Lastly, for us, and this model, I’m serving as creative director and I’m producing songs for releases from my rotating collective, Vince & The Valholla Empire. Since leaning into this model, we’ve already had a record year. If you’re interested in joining our discord, reach out to @vincevalholla on all social platforms, and I’ll send you the link.

Indie label owners, it’s a new day. Let’s use this model to highlight new artists. This “Label is the Artist” model is a perfect launchpad for the development of an artist as well. It’s all about collaboration.

For more on “Label is the Artist”, click here for the case study.

Adam Dollar$ releases his new single “My Love”

Baton Rouge-based recording artist Adam Dollar$ releases his latest release titled “My Love”. Here’s Adam detailing the meaning behind the song.

“My Love is detailing that everything in your life you encountered or currently encountering is not always perfect or even positive but it’s part of the story. You gotta learn to love and embrace it all because it all leads somewhere.” – Adam Dollar$

Listen to “My Love” on the streaming platform of your choice or purchase the song where ever you buy music. Out now via Per Capita LLC, distributed by Valholla Records.


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