Long Live the Valholla Empire
Long Live the Valholla Empire

Throwback Clip – Vince Valholla speaks to Jermaine Dupri at the ASCAP Expo (2014)

During this the 2014 ASCAP expo, Valholla Worldwide Entertainment Group Chairman/CEO Vince Valholla got to ask Grammy Award Winning record producer/songwriter/manager, Jermaine Dupri how he’d go about running a record label during that era. If he was just starting out of course. He also talks about how he named Lil Jon as an A&R for So So Def and more.

In a new interview, Vince Valholla discusses the future of the company he founded 18 years ago, including the “Label is the Artist” business model

Here’s an exerpt of the latest interview with Valholla Chairman/CEO, Vince Valholla.

“18 years ago (January 20, 2005), record producer Vince Valholla was finalizing the formation of his new record label, Valholla Worldwide Entertainment Group (formally Valholla Entertainment). He previously served as a marketing consultant and independent A&R in Miami, Florida, and wanted to learn all he could before starting a label. With Motown and Bad Boy Records as inspiration, he, his team, and partners (artists) built arguably one of the top independent record labels to come out of South Florida. Today, he’s game-planning the company’s next move and is potentially selling a minority stake in the group of companies. In this interview, we talk about his “Label is the Artist” business model and the future of his burgeoning company.”

Read the rest of the interview HERE.

Record producer Vince Valholla releases the evolving single “In the Heat of the Night” (Part 1)

Vince Valholla has released part one of what will be an evolving single titled, “In the Heat of the Night”. The song, which in its first form does not contain any vocals will evolve over time and take on new elements including entirely new songs. Vince further explained via instagram.

“Starting something new. I’ll be dropping a new single on Tuesday called “In the Heat of the Night” (Part 1) produced by me and The Track Burnaz. Part 1 is an instrumental and instead of building the song behind closed doors, I’ll be opening up the process to the public. I want to collaborate with artists on this song. I might have Part 2 as a rap song with 2 featured artists and Part 3 as an R&B song. Who knows, I may release 10 parts.

I started working on this song in November of 2020. I came up with the melody and I worked with a bass player and The Track Burnaz to bring the song to life. See, instead of having this song live on my hard drive, I’m making sure the vision I see for it comes to fruition.

There’s so many great songs on ice because of different reasons. With streaming, that shouldn’t be the case, in my opinion. So if I believe in a song, I’ll be putting it out. If you’re an artist or songwriter and you want to hear Part 1 before it drops, let me know and I’ll send it to you. I can’t wait for everyone to see this song evolve over time.”

Watch the visualizer for “In the Heat of the Night” (Part 1) below and stay tuned for the next installment.

Ron Slyda’s ‘Blue Summer: Recollections of a Poetic Drunk turns 10

Ron Slyda’s ‘Blue Summer: Recollections of a Poetic Drunk (Remastered)’ was released nine years ago (the original project will turn 10 this year). The release is considered by many as a hood classic. If you’ve never heard it, discover it today. (Released via SMG / Valholla Records)

The album featured arrangements and sequencing by Vince Valholla and included updates that were not included in the original release. Vince also served as executive producer with Ron Slyda.


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