Lavaa Man releases his new album Lavaa Szn 2

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania recording artist Lavaa Man released his 18th project, and 15th album this week titled, ‘Lavaa Szn 2’. Following up his previous project ‘She’s Not Gonna Like This’, the Pittsburgh native also serves as the producer for every song on his latest release.

Listen or buy ‘Lavaa Szn 2’ wherever you listen to or purchase music.

Pk Delay returns with KIMBO, a new album produced entirely by Slim Tha DJ

Pittsburgh native Pk Delay has released his new project, KIMBO. Here’s a synopsis of the new album.

KIMBO is Pk Delay’s latest release entirely produced by Slim Tha DJ. The album features artist Benji. & S!MONE. “I’ve been in this balloon now I’m over the sea” is a quote from the song Faithful which gives a shout to Pk’s previous project, PUNTER. Pk & Slim Tha DJ spent nearly a year composing the new album at a home studio and ID Labs in Pittsburgh. Kimbo dives into the mind of a young man in his late 20s & his journey to find himself. Enjoy.

KIMBO is out now on P World, distributed by Valholla Entertainment.

The New Order series returns with Drake’s Certified Lover Boy

During the month of January 2015, record producer Vince Valholla and engineer/producer StayLookingOut introduced the New Order series. Vince’s idea to start the series came from his love of sequencing and arranging projects. The concept was simple, take a studio album or project and if there was an inspiration to do so, re-sequence it, add production to it and it gives the listener a brand new experience.

After resequencing albums from Rihanna, Future and Drake, Vince and Staylookingout hit a hurdle of releasing the projects due to DMCA takedowns. After a hiatus, the series is back. This time, with re-imagining of Drake’s Certified Lover Boy album. This New Order edition is sequenced by Vince Valholla and includes additional production by Vegas Fontaine, StayLookingOut, and Vince Valholla.

Directions for listening. Do not shuffle and for your first listen, it’s recommended to play the entire album in one sitting.

Cover art photography by Bence Balla Schottner.

[Coming to Tidal this week]

Adam Dollar$ releases a new two-pack titled, Signature Moment 2

Baton Rouge-based rapper, Adam Dollar$ released the sequel to his Signature Moment release featuring two new songs. Featuring production from Young Devante, the set includes “Black Rob” and “4 Certain”.

“[This serves as a] sequel to the first Signature Moment. Since then, I dropped songs that were more mainstream-friendly and wanted to get back to the roots of my artistry. A sign of what’s to come.” – Adam Dollar$

Listen to Signature Moment 2 on the platform of your choice HERE.
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The making of “Jook It Out” and a short background of the Jook music movement in South Florida

In late 2019, Miami-based music producer, Brilliant sent a song to Vince, chairman, and chief executive of Valholla. The song was a Jook record called “Jook it Out”. If you’re not familiar with Jook or Jookin’ music, it was a prominent sound in the Miami and South Florida area between 2006-2009. Artists like Grind Mode, Ball Greezy, Desloc Piccalo, and many others filled the radio waves with this unique form of dance music mostly unheard of outside of the South.

“Jook It Out” was produced by Brilliant and featured vocals from Neekah Money and DJ Big Boy. “When I first heard the song, I wanted to share it with my network. I wanted to spread it and I wasn’t even directly involved with it”, Vince remembers. “I wrote about the song on my blog and fell in love with it as time went by. It reminded me of the early days of our label.” Those early days of Valholla consisted of many songs that used the Jook sound, even songs that enjoyed spins on South Florida radio.
After the song was only released on Soundcloud and Audiomack, Vince envisioned more.

brilliant jook music jook it out

“I thought the song should be released on all platforms and since we were in the distribution business, it only made sense for us to partner up to release it. I believed in the song.” A few months later, the song was released on all platforms. Making the song was fluid as the partnership to release “Jook It Out” according to Brilliant. “One night, I was sitting at the computer looking for samples and came across “I Will Always Be There For You” by Anquette. As I wondered how to flip it, something said speed it up, and boom the magic happened. As I was working on the beat I called Neekah to come to the studio ASAP. And within a couple of hours she had her verses written. With DJ Big Boy, I went to highschool with him. Once Neekah recorded her parts I invited Big Boy to the studio to hear the and he lost his mind.”

The song has also started to see a bump in streams after memes shared by Freddie Gibbs and Cool from Cool and Dre featured song. “I’m happy to be a part of a song like this because I think it will introduce people who may not be familiar with the Jook sound and remind people of how great the music was during that period for us in South Florida,” Vince expresses.

Discover “Jook It Out” and other Jook songs on The Best in Miami Jook Music playlist curated by our team on Spotify. The direct link is also below.


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