Baton Rouge based rapper Adam Dollar$ releases his new single “Maybe” featuring Jeremy Clay

Adam Dollar$ releases his soulful new single, “Maybe” featuring Jeremy Clay and he also filmed a live version. Here’s what he said about the process.

“The acoustic process is fun and challenging. Being able to do something outside of the norm for myself always brings a sense of excitement to the art. It’s challenging being that no drums were used for the production. Keeping beat without percussion is not an easy thing.”Adam Dollar$

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SIN releases his new LP titled PRIVATE FLIGHT

The new full-length LP from Broward County-based rapper, LISTENtoSIN fka SIN is available everywhere now. PRIVATE FLIGHT, the 8 track release includes guest appearances by LunchMoney Lewis, Rob Markman, Fatboy Shaw, LEX and production from MIKEIILO, The Track Burnaz, Numonics, Nixon, DJ Illusion and Vince Valholla.

PRIVATE FLIGHT is also SIN’s first release under his new imprint, SoundsGoodFeelsBetter in partnership with Valholla Entertainment. Released on October 18, the album peaked at #32 on iTunes/Apple Music. Fans who pre-ordered or purchased the LP will have the opportunity to get a limited edition booklet for free featuring liner notes, exclusive photos and more. Details will be announced in the coming days.

Listen to PRIVATE FLIGHT on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, Audiomack or any other streaming service you love. Cover art shot by Sabad.

LISTENtoSIN announces a new LP titled PRIVATE FLIGHT set for release on October 18 and available for Pre-order now

Broward County-based rapper, SIN, (@LISTENtoSIN) has announced the release date of his forthcoming PRIVATE FLIGHT LP for October 18. The 8 track set includes guest appearances by LunchMoney Lewis, Rob Markman and more. For over a month, the recording artist teased the project and now, his listeners can finally prepare for what he calls his best body of work to date.

PRIVATE FLIGHT will also be SIN’s first release under his new imprint, SoundsGoodFeelsBetter in partnership with Valholla Entertainment. The album is currently available for pre-order for only $6.99 on iTunes. The first 100 people who pre-order will have the chance of receiving a limited edition PRIVATE FLIGHT booklet featuring photos, liner notes, lyrics and more.

Pre-order on HERE. ✈️

listentosin private flight
Cover shot by Sabad

LISTENtoSIN & Mikeiilo discuss the making of “Dynasty”

photo by Amisheru

LISTENtoSIN released his single “Dynasty” after teasing it Twitter. The Mikeiilo produced song is probably one of the most potent verses from SIN to date. In this Q&A, we talk to the two creators about the making of the song, and more.

Valholla: Explain the process of recording Dynasty

SIN: At first “Dynasty” was nothing more than just a freestyle joint I laced. We would always randomly play in front of people prior to release & the feedback was always real. Might even be the first real song MikeiiLo & I recorded together, out of the many.

VH: How did you build the production that ended up becoming Dynasty?

Mikeiilo: I don’t really remember. This beat is almost 5 years old. I was never planning on releasing it. I’m not really a fan of the beat but everyone else is lol. I do remember the sample coming from the man 40a. If you know, you know.

VH: There’s a “Jay Z Dynasty” reference on this song. What’s your favorite album from him and why?

SIN: My favorite Jay Z album would either be “Reasonable Doubt” or “The Blueprint.” They change almost daily. Depends on how much the sun is shining that day haha.

VH: This question is a little left-field but if someone were playing Dynasty during a DJ mix at a party, what song should she, or he play before it?

Mikeiilo: Definitely “Get it Started” by SIN, Rob Markman, Fatboy Shaw, and Track Burnaz – (Vince & The Valholla Empire).

VH: Favorite line from the song?

SIN: “& you already know… Ya’ man is a lame & ya’ girl is a hoe. I swear I had a story ‘bout a story I promised I wouldn’t tell.” It always just makes me laugh when I hear it because it’s so witty & cryptic at the same time haha

VH: You recently tweeted that Dynasty won’t appear on your upcoming project. How did you make that decision given how crazy the song is?

SIN: Honestly, it was a tough decision but “Dynasty” was recorded some time ago even though it was presented to y’all fairly recent… Which is dope! But, so much has changed & progressed from then & now with both of our sounds. It only felt right to move with the current momentum that we’re on. Everything has to sound cohesively pleasing.

VH: Who do you both see on the remix???

SIN: Since the release, my man Rob Markman has not been shy about his admiration for the track. I could definitely hear him putting a body bag on this beat! Waddup Rob! Also, I can hear my man Hi-Rez doing a lot of damage to the remix as well. He has sick ability to play with his speeds while he raps & I feel like it’ll be a dope mesh.

Watch “Dynasty” shot by @Blanco1two below. Listen to the single on Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify.