The Track Burnaz earn Gold and Platinum certifications for their work on Future’s HNDRXX

After earning recognition from the RIAA in observance of over 95 million units certified throughout his career, GRAMMY® Award-winning rapper, Future has also placed himself in an elite space only a few artists have seen. One of the albums that received a new certification was HNDRXX, which features the song “Use Me” co-produced by The Track Burnaz.

HNDRXX is the sixth studio album by Future and was released on February 24, 2017, and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. After going RIAA Gold the same year, the album is now (as of July 27, 2022) certified Platinum. The Track Burnaz co-produced track, “Use Me” is also now certified Gold. The production trio later worked on Future’s EP, ‘Save Me’ on the song, “Shotgun”.

The Track Burnaz are currently working on a number of projects and you can expect them to add to their long list of accomplishments.

Producer Darick Jr. connects with Chase N. Cashe for “Imagination”

LA based and producer Darick Jr. links with GRAMMY Award Winning producer/artist Chase N. Cashe on the new Valholla released single, “Imagination”. Here’s how the song came together according to Darick;

“One day, Chase was talking about getting back in the studio, on Twitter. I ended up sending him a beat named “Imagine That,” and he sent a song back the same day, and named it “Imagination.”

Expect to hear more music from Darick in the coming months but in the meantime, listen to “Imagination” now on Apple Music, Spotify, Audiomack, Tidal or any other streaming platform you use.

Pk Delay delivers new visuals for “My Mind” from his collaborative album with producer DV

Pittsburgh based rapper Pk Delay has released the new official music video for “My Mind”, which is featured on his latest collaborative album with producer DV titled 2WO (Two World Order). The clip is shot by Zach Dimartini & Scott Benning and edited by Pk Delay.

2WO is available everywhere now on P World, distributed by Valholla Entertainment. Listen to it now on Apple Music, Amazon Music, or anywhere else you listen to music.

Broward County based rapper SIN aka LISTENtoSIN releases his 7 track project, SOUNDS GOOD

In his first extended release since his PRIVATE FLIGHT project, SIN also known as LISTENtoSIN has dropped SOUNDS GOOD. The 7-song set features guest appearances by Gaby Duran, J Nics, and Adam Dollar$ along with production from MikeiiLo, Abel Wylde, Smoke Delgado, The Distinguished Chimps and Thugs Bunny. Here is what SIN had to say about his latest release.

“SOUNDS GOOD” feels like a breakthrough moment for me musically. I got to really sit with myself for a long time without recording a single song, just experiencing life on all levels. Once I got back into my groove recording I felt more grounded than ever. You can tell because the music sounds more honest on this one. The attention to detail into my lyrics and the production is what makes this arguably my best work up to date. I grew up!

SOUNDS GOOD spent days on Audiomack’s Trending Albums section for over 5 days and amassed 20K combined streams on the first day of release. SOUNDS GOOD is available everywhere via SoundsGoodFeelsBetter / Valholla Entertainment. Cover art by @moneterygoods.

SIN releases his new single “Church (Don’t Slip)”

Broward County-based rapper SIN (@LISTENtoSIN) released the Abel Wylde produced single, “Church (Don’t Slip)” today. Here’s what SIN said about the creation of the single.

“The creative process of “Church” starts from the production & trickles down. I randomly connected with producer Abel Wylde who lives in India and it felt like the perfect match. His sound is 100% him and that’s what I loved the most. It’s just an honest song, it almost feels like I walked into a church & just started expressing things to the pastor without any regard as to what his position is to the church. This is not a gospel record by any means, it might even be the complete opposite but it’s raw & honest. The bassline is possibly the standout component of the entire song. It’s loud & in your face + it has an eerie undertone which made me go with that late-night somber confessional kind of take. The line “I throw emotions over beats & call it church.” Is what this whole thing is really about.”

Listen to “Church (Don’t Slip)” on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Audiomack, Amazon and other platforms HERE. Follow SIN on Instagram and his official playlist HERE. Cover art by @monetarygoods. Single released via SoundsGoodFeelsBetter / Valholla Entertainment. SIN’s previous album release, PRIVATE FLIGHT peaked at #32 on Apple’s iTunes Hip Hop Chart.


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