May 17, 2020 Valholla Staff

Valholla Entertainment partners with Indie Pop Musician Jack Boyd for his upcoming EP release ‘By Your Side’

Last week, Vince Valholla detailed how he came across the music from an artist named Jack Boyd based in Austin, TX.

“So usually I don’t personally check submissions but one day a few weeks ago I did… I checked submissions for April and it was one artist by the name of Jack Boyd. I listened to a song he sent and I went to his Instagram and this was the first video I saw….”

“I’ve never personally worked wIth someone with his sound. He writes, produces, and plays his own music. @ladyhustle954
& I jumped on a call with him for a meeting. We’re now working together and his EP, By Your Side drops June 26.”

We are excited to work with Jack Boyd and suggest listening to his last release ‘Fever EP’ to get more familiar with him. His single “POS”, which is featured on his upcoming EP, ‘By Your Side’ is out now. Listen below.

Also, check out what PopMuzik of Sweden said about this new track.

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