Record producer Vince Valholla announces Phanatiq, the fan club of the future, aiming to gamify music.

May 27, 2023
May 27, 2023 Valholla Staff

Record producer Vince Valholla announces Phanatiq, the fan club of the future, aiming to gamify music.

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After years of teasing a venture in tech, record producer Vince Valholla took to social media to unveil Phanatiq, the fan club of the future. Here are more details from Vince on Phanatiq.

Phanatiq is a web/mobile application that Incentivizes music fans who support their favorite artists. This application is geared towards casual and super fans of recording artists and bands. It recognizes them for the level of support that they provide to artists with the purchasing of artist merchandise, concert tickets, and albums. The app introduces a fan leaderboard system that will allow customers the opportunity to compare their ranking with others and compete for the highest ranking which allows the customer access to a greater level of incentives.

It will connect the artists and their labels directly to core fans and allow them the opportunity to provide them with exclusive merchandise and content. It will also provide labels with detailed analytics.

With the advances in technology and the introduction of music streaming, currently, there aren’t as many incentives for fans to buy digital and physical merchandise. With this app, it will be.

Sign up for more details on Phanatiq at valholla.com/phanatiq.


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