Iman. releases his debut studio album featuring production credits from AyeeJB of The Track Burnaz and Vince Valholla

August 28, 2022 Valholla Staff

Iman Shumpert, artistically known as Iman. released his debut album titled ‘This Car Ain’t Stolen’ on Friday (August 19). The project includes 16 songs with no features and Iman. effortlessly floats on every song. ‘This Car Ain’t Stolen’ features “Drop Ya Glasses” produced by Hey Samyr, AyeeJB of The Track Burnaz, Vince Valholla and Giorgio Cesaroni. AyeeJB’s production is also on two other songs on the album (“But I Do” & “Dem and God”).

Here’s an excerpt from an album review from Shifter Magazine:
After giving us singles like “Hello” and “Gohan”, arguably dropping the best verse in the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards cypher, and getting the attention of hip-hop legends like Pete Rock, the Chicago native and NBA champion has dropped his first studio album This Car Ain’t Stolen. The project is a follow to his 2019 album Piece de la Foutu Pie and his 2018 EP Substance.

As you would expect from the title, the 16-track album has a clear theme.
“This Car Ain’t Stolen is about OWNERSHIP. Owning your art, Owning your voice, Ownership”, Iman. explains.
“No matter the age nor the type of vehicle, being classified ‘Black’ we are constantly reminded that we as a race are seen as unworthy and a danger to those around us”, he adds. “For a long time I struggled with the science of how normalized that was and how I became desensitized to seeing it. My older self sees this all as a game, a game we plan to win. They literally put the most dangerous one behind the controller and now I got control. When people listen to this, I want them to understand this is not the basketball version of my mother’s son. But this is ‘Mani’ that never knew if he’d ever make it. PLAY TO WIN. DRIVE SAFE. THIS CAR AIN’T STOLEN”.

‘This Car Ain’t Stolen’ is available everywhere on A Sinners Peace Records.

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