Vince Valholla and Mike Schill are relaunching The CRIB as the first “Playlist Mixshow” titled Brickell Drive

Executive Producers of the radio show, The CRIB have announced the rebranding and launch of the first “Playlist Mixshow”, Brickell Drive. The show is the first of its kind and will be hosted and curated by record producer and founder of Valholla Entertainment, Vince Valholla and founder and CEO of The Full Circle Agency, Mike Schill.

“If we were going to do something new, why not deliver the show where people listen to music the most, on playlists,” says Vince. “There’s terrestrial radio, digital radio, and podcasts. When thinking about how we’ve curated the show in the past, I wanted to do something that wasn’t being done across multiple streaming platforms.”

Mike shared: “Our goal is to provide an innovative experience for music listeners across the world. Being in the Industry is vital that we consistently push to connect both artists and fans at new levels.”

The show is set to launch in September and will be available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and Audiomack. “We’re thankful to Dash Radio for providing the platform for The CRIB over the years and we are looking forward to this new chapter with Brickell Drive.”

brickell drive playlist mixshow