April 18, 2022 Valholla Staff

SIN releases his new single “Church (Don’t Slip)”

Broward County-based rapper SIN (@LISTENtoSIN) released the Abel Wylde produced single, “Church (Don’t Slip)” today. Here’s what SIN said about the creation of the single.

“The creative process of “Church” starts from the production & trickles down. I randomly connected with producer Abel Wylde who lives in India and it felt like the perfect match. His sound is 100% him and that’s what I loved the most. It’s just an honest song, it almost feels like I walked into a church & just started expressing things to the pastor without any regard as to what his position is to the church. This is not a gospel record by any means, it might even be the complete opposite but it’s raw & honest. The bassline is possibly the standout component of the entire song. It’s loud & in your face + it has an eerie undertone which made me go with that late-night somber confessional kind of take. The line “I throw emotions over beats & call it church.” Is what this whole thing is really about.”

Listen to “Church (Don’t Slip)” on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Audiomack, Amazon and other platforms HERE. Follow SIN on Instagram and his official playlist HERE. Cover art by @monetarygoods. Single released via SoundsGoodFeelsBetter / Valholla Entertainment. SIN’s previous album release, PRIVATE FLIGHT peaked at #32 on Apple’s iTunes Hip Hop Chart.

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