Valholla enters the NFT space in collaboration with StayLookingOut and Lavaa Man

Vince Valholla announced our first NFT offering with the collaboration between StayLookingOut and recording artist/producer Lavaa Man. The NFT, or non-fungible token is of a 15 second clip that features StayLookingOut’s signature POP OUT tech with Lavaa Man and his unreleased song, “Ain’t Sorry”. The NFT (non-fungible token) space is exploding and we are excited to offer digital collectibles with Mintable.
‘AIN’T SORRY by LAVAA MAN #1’, is available now during a 7-day auction. Bid on it HERE. If you’re wondering, what an NFT is, you are not alone.

What is an NFT? A “Non-fungible token” (non = not, fungible = interchangeable, token = voucher). NFTs are distinct, easily verifiable digital assets that can represent items from virtual real estate to cherished moments in NBA history, according to the Urban Dictionary. This verified asset class uses blockchain technology, in which a network of computers records transactions and gives buyers proof of authenticity and ownership. Still confused, watch THIS.

Here’s Vince’s announcement on Twitter.

You have less than 7 days to bid to own this one of a kind digital piece. Also if you haven’t heard Lavaa Man’s latest release, ‘She’s Not Gonna Like This’, listen to it now on Spotify.