February 5, 2021 Valholla Staff

Pittsburgh based rapper Pk Delay announces his new project titled, PUNTER set for release on Valholla Entertainment

On February 23, Pittsburgh based rapper Pk Delay will release his new project, PUNTER, via P World distributed by Valholla Entertainment. Here’s what he said about the release, along with the unveiling of the cover art and tracklisting via Instagram.

“PUNTER – 2/23 • the project is produced entirely by @wahoolagon except for 1 beautiful @nicerecordwork track. Thanx Nice Rec. Shout out Jake for doing it all — visuals, art work & production. thanks Jake for dealing with my crazy ass. Thnx to my brother Manny 4 the engineering. My team small but we sound major. We’re proud of this project. It’s definitely something completely new from me. I accept this project forever because it’s a part of Pk Delay. Honestly. PUNTER is releasing with @valholla & I’m excited to connect with these guys & get to work. I hope you all enjoy this new music from me & my fam. I wonder what hot air balloons symbolize? 🤔 … anyway It’s the WORLD! I’m in P WORLD!”

We are also excited to work with Pk, and we cannot wait for the world to hear the album.


Valholla Staff

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