November 2, 2020 Valholla Staff

Miami Based Rapper/Songwriter Supreme Muzic partners with Valholla Entertainment for his forthcoming album, ‘5516’

Haitian-American rapper/songwriter Supreme Muzic is set to release his new independent album, ‘5516’ on November 20th. The 7 song set will be released on his label, Vice City Records, and distributed by Valholla Entertainment.

Here’s his synopsis of ‘5516’
“5516 represents the beginning. Where it all started for me. My mother’s first house. It’s also a representation of the neighborhood that I grew up in Little Haiti a small section in the inner city of Miami, Florida. It also where/when I picked up rapping. “5516” is the actual house number to that address. Growing up in poverty my dream was to always be rich and retiring my mom since all I did growing up is watch her struggle, creating a better life. You get a taste of that in the intro of the album “Millionaire”. On this album, you are going to get real life. Growing up as a black man in America trying to find a way out, as u hear in “Next Move” this album also shows diversity giving something everyone can listen to. Such as catchy song like “No Tomorrow”, “In My Bag” and “Slip N Slide”. The album also showcases my multicultural side with the song, “Please Baby” mixing a Haitian vibe on an Afrocentric beat. All while still maintaining the sound Miami is so well known for.” Supreme Muzic

The album is available for pre-order now on iTunes.

supreme muzic 5516 back cover


Valholla Staff

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