COVID-19 Relief Resources for Artists, Musicians, business owners, and the recently unemployed

April 6, 2020 Vince Valholla

COVID-19 Relief Resources for Artists, Musicians, business owners, and the recently unemployed

COVID-19 Relief Resources

COVID-19 has now, in some way affected nearly every person on this planet. Many essential workers are risking their lives to ensure we have food and supplies during “stay at home” orders. On the entertainment side, specifically with music, artists are unable to tour or do shows currently. The amount of people this affects is staggering. I wanted to provide some links to resources that can help during this tough time.

When people think of The Recording Academy, someone may think they only hold the GRAMMY awards once a year, but in fact, the organization does so much more. MusiCares is a charitable foundation of The Recording Academy and provides assistance for people in music in times of need. They have started the COVID-19 Relief Fund and people affected by the novel coronavirus can apply for assistance. For transparency, I am a current member of the Recording Academy. Details below.

musicares coronavirus relief fund

Here’s a really deep list of resources to help music professionals.

billboard covid-19

The SBA can also help and is providing forgivable loans and grants to business owners. For all COVID-19 Relief options, visit the website below.

 Coronavirus Relief Options from the SBA

If you’ve been recently unemployed and haven’t filed for unemployment benefits, you can do so below.

Unemployment Insurance Relief

Regardless of what happens, just know, we will get through this… Together. Stay healthy, and stay safe.

– Vince Valholla


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