Listen to Episode 021 of Van Lathan’s The Red Pill Podcast with Damien Dante Wayans

Every week, Van Lathan unapologetically serves his listeners the truth in the form of ‘the red pill’. Van recently made headlines when he told Kanye West everything the world wanted to say during an interview on TMZ Live. This week’s episode, Vince Valholla got the chance to add commentary on Drake’s new album Scorpion and other topics discussed. Listen below and subscribe to The Red Pill Podcast on Apple Podcasts.

@vanlathan invited me to come out during the recording of his Red Pill Podcast with co-host Damien Dante Wayans (@damiendw) and I didn't expect to actually speak at all. But Van, being the real one he is, had me chime during the show I had a great time and you have to hear the episode… very dope convo about Van's life without Oxtail until his recent trip to Anguilla, a tweet that he caught fire for, @kingjames joining the Lakers, @Drake's album and so much more. >> I got to give Damien props on how much he and his family have given to the game of television and film. I also got to meet @lorenlorosa from the show. >> Thanks again to Van for having me and I need EVERYONE to check out the episode. Van has one of the dopest podcast's out and I'm not just saying that cause I know him. The link is on Van Lanthan's profile or you can just search for 'Red Pill Podcast' on Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud to listen… Or DM me, I'll send you the link. >> #podcast #podcasting #podcasts #magahat #drake #scorpion #anguilla #lebronjames #kingjames #lakers #valholla #valhollaent #valhollaentertainment #theredpill

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“Van sits down with co-host Damien Dante Wayans to discuss the eventful week that occurred while Van was vacationing in Anguilla. From LeBron James decision to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers to a problematic tweet that resulted in the MAGA crowd coming for Van and of course, Drake’s album Scorpion and where both hosts stand on the latest album drop.”