June 27, 2017 Vince Valholla

3 Things I Learned from Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins talk with Jimmy Iovine & Allen Hughes on Facebook Live

1. Allen Hughes started working on the film The Defiant Ones 4 years ago with Dr. Dre. Jimmy Iovine joined the project 3 years ago. Jimmy was thinking about doing a movie about Interscope so when he saw Dre opening up for the film, he decided to do it.

2. He told a dope story about the time he mixed and mastered a Bruce Springsteen album in 9 days. I won’t spoil it but you gotta hear this story. (This story didn’t make the film. That leads me to believe this movie is going to be CRAZY.)

3. Jimmy Iovine perfectly breaks down why artists need to be compensated better. He says that when Adele, Kendrick, Ed Sheeran and more record an album, they stop touring. And you can tell. When artists make the most money from touring, and they are forced to record on the road, it affects the music. I think he’s right.

Peace to Jinx from @PigsAndPlans + @Complex, he really asked some great questions. Peep it below.

The Defiant Ones premieres 7.9.2017 on HBO


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