Vince Valholla Announces new Playlist Compilation Series Valholla NOW

With an expanding roster, independent powerhouse Valholla Entertainment seeks to make their latest releases accessible in one place with their new Playlist Compilation Series Valholla NOW. “Our roster doubled in the past year and our releases tripled. With the growing number of releases and artists we work with, we wanted to ensure our supporters had one place to go for all of our latest records” explained Valholla Chairman and Chief Executive, Vince Valholla. “Playlists aren’t new, but we seek to use this series as a way to showcase some of the best releases and Valholla NOW will do that in various forms.”

Valholla NOW is available now on Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, and YouTube. The Playlist will be updated regularly. Other versions of Valholla NOW will also be released as commercial compilations in the future. Follow and share Valholla NOW on your favorite streaming platform and tell us your favorite songs!

valholla now

About Valholla:
Valholla Entertainment is a Full-Service entertainment company with music label, management, marketing, and film production divisions. Valholla is considered one of the top independent labels in the south (US).