February 28, 2016 Vince Valholla

The Future of the Music Business: Album Releases that Mimic Movie Releases

Album releases, before the internet was invented, went like this; an artist would record an album, a record company would then press up vinyls and have them sent to record stores everywhere. Then after recent internet innovations, instead of taking over a week for an album to reach stores, albums can be available in minutes. The store fronts are now digital, i.e. iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and more. Then streaming happened.

Spotify now has over 20 million subscribers and Apple Music has over 10 million. This has drastically changed how music is consumed. People who used to purchase multiple albums a month can now enjoy millions on streaming platforms with the touch of button. Adele’s album 25 is not currently available on any streaming platforms and her previous album was withheld from Spotify for months. She’s one of the few artists today to completely dodge streaming services. There’s a direct connection to why she’s broke so many sales and chart records, which is why I believe that soon, albums will be released in phases.


First, the album is sold, then after a week, a month or even months, an album will be available on streaming services. I mean, if you think about it, this is how Hollywood works. I think that making albums available for super-fans who would like to own it before casual listeners on streaming services is a totally great idea. Think about it, even if the album is windowed for a few days before it goes to streaming services, this allows for real fans to buy an album before a casual listener can stream it. Will this encourage pirating? I don’t think so. A real fan will buy the music if they can own it before anyone else. It’s almost like a reward for the actual fans. If you like this concept or not, I believe that this is the future of music.



Vince Valholla

Vince Valholla is Chairman/Chief Executive of Valholla Entertainment, Inc. All opinions are his own. Valholla is a full-service Music Label & Management Company based in Miami, FL. Named Record Label of the Year in 2017 by Miami New Times. One of Valholla's notable releases is the 2015 release of Kirby Maurier's "Doing The Most" was one of the highest selling independent R&B albums in the South Atlantic Region. Every full-length release from Valholla since 2015 has charted on iTunes.