February 9, 2016 Valholla Staff

Ron Slyda talks about his writing process, Blue Summer and more with Head Strapped

Ron Slyda recently sat down with Head Strapped to discuss his past, writing process and so much more.

Check out an excerpt of interview below and check out the full interview HERE

Head Strapped: If you didn’t start rapping, where do you think you would have ended up?

Ron Slyda: I don’t like to think about it. Rapping not only gave me a new lease on life but it also blessed me with many people, lessons, and environments I don’t believe I could exist without right now.

Head Strapped
: What makes ‘Blue Summer’ stick out more than your previous two mixtapes?

Ron Slyda: ‘Blue Summer’ is 100% me. Every beat was thought over, sought out, and hand selected. The sound reflects my brand more than the first two mixtapes. I’m able to afford quality studio time and I’m aware of the importance of organizing so the quality is higher. I was not as much a perfectionist on the first two as I am with ‘Blue Summer’.

Head Strapped: And how did you come up with the name ‘Blue Summer: Recollections of a Poetic Drunk’?

Ron Slyda: I am always writing. I always strive for my music to be a picture in time even when I spit from the drug dealer/gun toting perspective. People are able to see it as a time in my life. I’m not trying to glorify anything but my skills and creativity as an artist. So, as I grabbed beats and wrote and drank and drove and performed and celebrated and mourned and f**ked up and learned from it; a soundtrack was coming of me piece by piece in the summer of 2011 when I really began to get noticed locally. I took those raw materials and molded it into a more solid and branded sound. No longer a novice, I knew the technical and ethical mistakes I made prior. I’m deep, so blue is a color that reflects that depth like the sky or ocean. It represents my somber thoughtful recollections as a poetic drunk.



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