The Origin of S.P.P. (Sweet Potato Pie)

A year before viral YouTube star James Wright Chanel reviewed Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pie, Kirby Maurier & Vegas Fontaine was preparing to record S.P.P. A song that would end up being one of the many stand out recordings from Kirby’s independent debut album, began with an actual pie.

After the release of Doing The Most, Kirby sat down with Rob Markman & Kristen Coral to discuss the album on the Red Light Special R&B Podcast. Listen below as Kirby explains the origins of S.P.P. (Sweet Potato Pie).

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Watch the music video for S.P.P. (Sweet Potato Pie) Below

S.P.P. (Sweet Potato Pie) is available on the album Doing The Most on Valholla Entertainment