November 17, 2015 Vince Valholla

Why Adele and her label, XL Recordings, shouldn’t have ’25’ available for streaming

Adele’s previous album, ’21’ was released on January 2011 and has sold 30 million albums worldwide since. ’21’ also ended up being the forth best-selling album of all time in the UK. It took a year for the album to be available on Spotify and it forced people who really wanted to support the album to actually buy it. ’25’, Adele’s upcoming album can and will make history, but If it ends up being available on streaming services, it could strip millions away from its potential sales. That’s why Adele and her team/label should stick to their original script for this release to ensure as many sales as possible and keep it off Spotify and other streaming services.


I love streaming services, (I subscribe to two right now) but I think some releases should be exclusive to iTunes or another… well iTunes. I mean, why not if people are willing pay and the music is good? I think that people in the music industry need to start doing things to make people value music more. Does every album deserve this kind of rollout? No, but something needs to change so people can value the art of music a little bit more. I don’t know if Adele & XL plan on keeping 25 off streaming services, but I sure hope they do. Do you agree? Tell me what you think on Twitter: @VinceValholla

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Vince Valholla

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