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What we know so far about Kirby Maurier’s upcoming project, ‘Doing The Most’ [Update]

The follow up to Kirby Maurier’s ’Class of ’96’ (which can arguably be called a classic) is set to be released soon. Here’s what we know.

There isn’t a release date


There isn’t a set release date yet but it’s expected to be released in 2015.*



Vegas Fontaine is producing every song


The Producer of her current single ‘iz u wit it’ is producing ‘Doing The Most’ entirely.



She’s been recording since 2013


Recording locations for ‘Doing The Most’ include Miami, FL and Los Angeles, CA


Update #2: Recording is officially done for ‘Doing The Most’ (January, 23rd).

Update #3: Sequencing and Mastering is complete (July 6th).

‘Doing The Most’ will be Executive Produced by Vince Valholla, Vegas Fontaine and Kirby Maurier. Releasing on Valholla Entertainment.

Update #4

‘Doing The Most’ drops July 31st


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