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#VDJ36 – Valholla DJ Pack 36


We want to make it as easy for DJs, Music Lovers and Tastemakers to stay updated with our releases. That’s where the Valholla DJ Pack comes in. We want to encourage not only DJ’s but anyone who isn’t familiar with our roster to check out our DJ Packs.

It’s our 36th DJ Pack and I wanted to make our DJ Packs more accessible. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback and we’re finally going to add DJ Pack playlists on AudioMack. Stream it, Share It and please, Give us Feedback. If you like a song (or all of them) let us know. Thanks for all the support because without the people that rock with us, we’re just talented dreamers.

– Vince Valholla

Stream Valholla DJ Pack 36 Below

Download Valholla DJ Pack 36 Direct Here:


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