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Valholla Q&A with Ramzez: “My Kountry” single / Family ties to Bimini


I personally wasn’t in the studio when Ramzez recorded his latest single featuring Trick Jr.
so I decided to talk to him about it and also some other things.

@VinceValholla: You just dropped your new single “My Kountry” featuring Trick Jr. How did the song come about?

Ramzez: I was recently doing mixing on [Trick Jr.’s] upcoming project and
I realized that I had a song produced by Cardiak that would fit his sound perfectly. The rest is history.

@VinceValholla: What’s the meaning behind the song?

Ramzez: The history of young blacks that have lived through struggles and
economy issues, we tend to find ways to survive and live the American dream.

@VinceValholla: We’re currently prepping your project Formula 3, describe what you want it to sound like?

Ramzez: The sound is awake up call a lot of people who are unfamiliar to me.
It will be an up tempo project with a southern bounce to it. They’ll be a few messages in the music as well.
It will definitely be a different sound for me but it will still have a true Hip Hop feel to it.

@VinceValholla: We recently went to Bimini, Bahamas. A lot of people don’t know
your connection to Bimini. Explain your family’s connection to it.

Ramzez: Yes, we had a great time in Bimini. 88% of the island’s residents are
related to me. The island has a lot of history to it. There’s so many stories of
pirates, lost treasure and other things that are real interesting about the island.

@VinceValholla: As an artist, what do you want to accomplish this year?

Ramzez: To show that I’m a true talent either behind the mic, or behind
the boards. I also want to spread my music to more people and gain new fans. I believe with Formula 3, I can do that.

Stream Ramzez’s new single “My Kountry” below and download it for free for a limited time. Formula 3 Coming Soon.

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