February 17, 2014 Vince Valholla

Why Presidents’ Day is slightly strange



I saw this story on Presidents’ Day by Valerie Strauss and I wanted to share it.

“Most federal holidays are clear-cut. On the Fourth of July, for example, Americans celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. On the other hand, Presidents’ Day is a slightly strange holiday for three main reasons:

* There is no universal agreement on the actual name of the holiday.
* There is no universal agreement on which presidents are being honored.
* There is no agreement on something as simple as whether is an apostrophe in “presidents.”

Ask a handful of people who the holiday is meant to recognize, and you aren’t likely to get the same answers. In fact, what is generally called Presidents’ Day is still recognized by the U.S. government as Washington’s Birthday. USA.gov lists it like this: George Washington’s Birthday (Presidents’ Day) – February 17 and it describes the holiday this way:”


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