February 11, 2014 Vince Valholla

Harry from AintItCool.com says the new ROBOCOP is worth checking out!



“I’ve been debating if I was going to see the new Robocop movie…
but I think I might, just see if it’s good or not… I liked the first one (and the second I think). This one review from AintItCool.com says you might like it…

“Going to see the new ROBOCOP, there’s a lot stacked up against it. First, the draft of the screenplay that was released was pretty damn awful. Luckily, they did work on it. Second, nobody that was a fan of the original ROBOCOP really needed to revisit that property, because us original fans love every frame, line and part of Verhoeven’s masterful ROBOCOP. When I did a screening of ROBOCOP with Peter Weller last year, Peter further convinced me that he IS ROBOCOP. And this is not a point to be argued. Cuz he’s right. He is ROBOCOP.

But then… ROBOCOP is an owned property. Like the character in the film it is owned by a parent corporation. After the films, comics, cartoons… there’s no denying that ROBOCOP is an iconic beloved film character with the potential for reboots – like everything else that we’ve ever loved, but ROBOCOP, the original – has such a particularly unique flavor – that seeing it boiled down to the action beats with all wit and satire removed… that shit terrified me, but then, I’ve seen ROBOCOP 3, so really… how bad could it be?

Yoko was feeling under the weather today, so Father Geek and I took in tonight’s screening, arriving 2 hours early to see a long line of fans shivering in the freezing temperatures hoping to be entertained tonight.

If you love the original, you’ll still love it on the other side of this, but you might actually really like this version in ways that will surprise you.”

Read the rest of the review HERE

Source: Aintitcool.com

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