July 7, 2018 Valholla Staff

Vince Valholla discusses Valholla’s expansion on the West Coast and more with Good Culture

Valholla’s Chairman/CEO recently talked with Good Culture’s Lauren Whiteman about his journey from upstart label owner to his current plans of expansion of Valholla Entertainment. In what may be one of his best interviews, read what’s next for the Valholla Empire at Good Culture. Here’s an excerpt:

“People have to be real with themselves about what kind of career they want. Do they want a career that’s gonna be three years, one hit record, and a tour that runs six years or four years? Or do they want a career that’s 20 years? And it depends on the artist. And it’s hard for them to be real with themselves if they don’t know the business. The more artists know about the business, the better it would be for them.”

Read the full interview HERE or click the image below.
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Valholla Staff

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