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OG Sean and The Pyrvmids discuss the making of For Your Girl

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Producer/Recording artist The Pyrvmids linked with OG Sean for the Valentine’s Day project, FYG (For Your Girl). The project also features VNUSAMR, Steeve Sam, Remy Martinez and CJ Pierre.

We talked to OG Sean and The Pyrvmids over the phone about how the project came together and how everyone involved helped make it come to life.

Valholla: Tell us how the For Your Girl project came about?

OG Sean: It was just a feeling, to be honest. The Pyrvmids and I were going through important moments in our lives at that time. I was celebrating 5 years with my girl and he was celebrating the birth of his child so we decided to put a project out.

The Pyrvmids: Yea, I was celebrating the year I had with my girl and our new baby. I had a lot of accomplishments with her last year. The project was like my gift to her.

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Valholla: How long did it take to record?

The Pyrvmids: The process for making that project was literally 4 days. Even some of the production was done within that week. The writing, recording, and mixing were all done within those 4 days leading into Valentine’s day. Making this project was a life-changing experience for everyone involved.

Valholla: Let’s talk about the each song on the project. Explain the intro.

OG Sean: The project like we said earlier took 4 days and the intro shines a light on the process of making it. The intro is just us chilling making music, the door opens and we say, “So What’s the Intro?”. I was real laid back.

Valholla: Talk about OG Jam

OG Sean: OG Jam was one of the few beats that I had before making this project. I had that beat for 3 years. Originally, it was just going to be an instrumental with a saxophonist on it. We said, “We should see what Steeve Sam can do with this record” and it came out really well.

Valholla: Was the project made in order or did you sequence the project after the fact?

the pyrvmids trvck 2 steeve sam og seanFor Your Girl

OG Sean: OG Jam was the last song recorded for the project. It was actually recorded on Valentine’s Day.

The Pyrvmids: Yea, everything was arranged after recording the project.

Valholla: So Steeve Sam gave “OG Jam” its direction?

OG Sean: Yea, we just gave him the instrumental and gave him the creative control to do what he wanted on that record. He really brought the song out.

The Pyrvmids: Steeve was the secret weapon for this project.

Valholla: Explain Trvck 2, which happens to be your [The Pyrvmids] debut as an artist.

The Pyrvmids: We had the idea of where we wanted to go on this project and I made the beat about a week before the creation of the project. Originally, I wasn’t going to be on the project at all. I wasn’t supposed to be rapping, I was just supposed to be producing. Once Steeve laid the intro to the record and the hook, J, who was engineering the project and also co-producing on some songs ended up talking to me with Sean and was like “Aye man, you gotta get on this record”. So, I ended up writing to it, went in the booth and attacked the beat. That’s the first song that I ever finished as an artist in one session. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without all three of them helping me with that song. It’s a solid record.

Another thing to note about that record is the concept for it was about being expressive with your love. The verses and the hook ask “Why would hide your love?” and the song talks about expressing your love and the things you’ll do for your girl.

Valholla: Explain the Forever Interlude.

The Pyrvmids: I really wanted to throw this on there mainly because of the Tevin Campbell sample. I wanted to give people a taste of my production with my 808s, bounce and that break before we got back to the softer music. That was a real good 90s sample sound.


Valholla: Explain the making of Sweetest Lover.


OG Sean: We had the most fun recording that song. That record came about from a VNUSAMR reference and we ended up having everyone contribute to the song. She wrote it prior to that week when we recorded the version you hear on the project.

The Pyrvmids: All of the songs were a group effort to get done. Everyone pitched in.

OG Sean: If you listen closely, you’ll hear all of us clapping on Sweetest Lover. We all got in the booth and we clapped our hands.

Valholla: Explain the Outro.

OG Sean: It started out with me messing around with some chords. I call them, Mariah Carey chords. I sent the chords to CJ a week before the project was recorded. He sent me a voice note and I ended up building around it. When we finally got to the studio we all pitched in on it.

The Pyrvmids: That record was a culmination of everything we put in on the project in those 4 days. Everyone has their essence on that song. You can hear everyone on it.


OG Sean: It started off messing around to some chords and I sent CJ the chords and he did a reference to it and it came out great. We all got together and added to it.


The Pyrvmids: the was the culmination of all the work we did during those four days.  

Valholla: Will this be the first of other projects like it?

The Pyrvmids: This is a reintroduction of the sound that the producers, Jay, Sean and I have crafted over the years of working down here. This was strictly a Valentine’s Day project and in the future, and everything is in motion for people to get more of that sound, that soul. Expect more by the Summer.

The Pyrvmids was awarded Best Hip Hop Producer during the 5th annual Mieux Magazine Awards. Follow OG Sean and The Pyrvmids on Twitter.


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