January 16, 2016 Vince Valholla

PJ – Wishlist Featuring K Camp

Atlantic recording artist PJ dropped a new single this week and I thought it was dope. It features K Camp and it’s her first single Wishlist from her upcoming album, Rare coming soon. If you like the joint, hit her up on Twitter and tell her: @JustPeej.

Update: Buy Wishlist on iTunes

Atlantic Records artist PJ is looking to have a huge year in 2016, and she kicks it off today with the debut of her new single, “Wishlist,” featuring K Camp. The smooth track brings back memories of early TLC, with snap-heavy production that perfectly compliments PJ’s soothing vocals. The laidback feel also comes with a strong message, as PJ belts out lyrics about how you have to always be cautious of what you wish for in life.

While K Camp is known more for his crooning, he delivers a memorable verse here with a solid flow. “Sipping Ace in a damn cabana, need a bitch like Lisa Ray with an attitude just like Rihanna,” he raps while making every listener wish they were in that situation. This song will appear on PJ’s upcoming album, Rare, which is due out soon. For now, you should probably put “Wishlist” on repeat for the rest of the day. – ZACH FRYDENLUND/Complex


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