July 8, 2014 Vince Valholla

Why DJ Mustard’s production of T-Pain’s “Up Down” is the best in his discography



DJ Mustard is on a run right now… A hell of run. Turn on the radio for under 15 minutes and I can bet a song he’s produced will get a spin. A lot of people talk about how most his production sounds the same, but that’s kinda why he’s winning. People like “familiar” sounds in music.

Mustard has a hell of a discography, but his best piece of production in it, is T-Pain’s “Up Down”. Why? Honestly, it’s hard to explain, but it has to do with the feeling of it. One of the reasons why this is one of the best songs he’s produced so far is because of the melody of one instruments used… it sounds like a chime… it’s throughout the record. This is just my opinion (My second favorite record is YG’s “My N*gga”). The melody paired with T-Pain’s writing and flow on the record makes it almost flawless.

As of today, Up Down is climbing the charts. It’s been on Billboard’s Hot 100 for 20 weeks, peeking at 62. The longest T-Pain has had a solo song on the Hot 100 is 35 weeks (Buy U A Drank). I knew this song was a hit when I heard it and in my opinion, it’s the best T-Pain single in years. In short, this may not be DJ Mustard’s most successful single to date, but to me, this is his best so far.

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Vince Valholla

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