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Why I Think HAIM Will Go Down In History As One Of The Best Bands of All Time



One day last year, online personality Kid Fury tweeted about a band called Haim. A few weeks
later I happened to be watching Jimmy Kimmel and a band called Haim was about to perform.
I watched the performance in awe because there it was, three attractive girls that could easily
be on a movie screen or modeling down a runway playing instruments and performing (perfectly).
Somehow they knew their way around the instruments like they’ve been playing since the day they were born.
Me being involved with musicians for years, I knew the difference between great musicians and “ok” ones.


Fast forward to a week ago. My team and I was on a plane going from LA to Miami. We were coming from the
ASCAP Expo. I sat in a aisle seat, Kirby sat in a middle seat, and a guy was sitting at the window seat. The guy notices that Kirby was looking through a ASCAP booklet when he asked if she was musician. She replied, “Yes” and mentioned that she was a singer/songwriter. Then I mentioned what I did (Producer/Manager). The guy then said that he was Mr. Haim, the father of the group Haim… Wow… just a while I just discovered this band and now I’m on plane with their father. We talked for over 2 hours on how they started, and what they were doing now. It was so inspiring to hear how they never quit until they got where they wanted. He told us he would tell execs that they’ll be the biggest band in the world, and they would laugh. Those laughs ended when every label wanted to sign them. After all the inspirational stories and words he gave us, he invited us to their show in Miami.


We ended up going to their show and man, they were AMAZING. This was their first show in Miami so I’m glad to be a part history for them. The great thing about them is their proficient in more than one instrument. The entire time I was thinking how talented they were and how their just on their first album. It’s like I discovered them at the beginning of their career. A day before the performance I got the chance to really listen to their album “Days Are Gone” (I bought it on iTunes on the plane). The album is dope from start to finish and they write their own music, which is dope. Like I said, I’m catching them at the beginning, which means if their this great, imagine them on their third album? Songwriting, amazing. How well can they play their instruments, Some of the best playing I’ve ever seen. How good is their album? If you don’t like it, you don’t know nothing LOL.

I can just see it now, remember I said it…. They will be considered one of the best bands of all time. Stream their album below, and tell me if you agree!

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