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The reviews are in… the ‘Valholla Forever’ EP gets 5 Stars in The Examiner


Our latest compilation EP titled ‘Valholla Forever’ was released a few weeks ago to nothing but great reviews. The 5 song EP featuring our Valholla label and management roster features all original production and was arranged/Executive Produced by Valholla Chairman, Vince Valholla.

Here’s an excerpt from The Examiner’s review of ‘Valholla Forever’ [EP] by S. Renee

“If you thought 2013 was a big year for Valholla, be prepared to be blown away in 2014 by this roster’s talent and influence. The first piece of proof? Their top of the year drop, Valholla Forever [EP]. A compilation of tracks from the crew’s label signees and managed artists, this is a perfect sampling for anyone unfamiliar with the brand, and an appropriate display of what Valholla has to offer.”- S.Renee

Read the entire review HERE

Also, Check out this review from SophisticatedIgnorance.net’s @HazTV that was really dope!!

“In a game that is over-saturated with “hustlers” instead of artists with actual TALENT, it’s easy to understand why a label like Valholla is able to stand out from the rest. The Miami based Valholla Entertainment is led by future mogul @VinceValholla, who brought a group of talented individuals together to achieve a common goal and fulfill what seems like can only be described as their destiny. It takes a unique individual to have a vision and get others to aid in the fruition of that vision but Vince manages to pull it off like it’s nothing. In typical genius fashion Valholla decided to release “Valholla Forever”, an EP of 5 songs to not only bring in the new year with a fresh project but proving they understand the importance of relevance in an age where fans have the attention span of a gnat.” –HazTV

Read the entire review HERE

Thanks to S.Renee and HazTV for the GREAT reviews!!

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