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TFSLifestyle in association with Valholla Presents #TheBecoming w/ Don Rodgers: Episodes 1 – 3 [ Docu-Series ]

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We’ve partnered up with TFSLifestyle.com to bring you a new series from Don Rodgers where he discusses his past, musical influences and more. Below is a full description, and above is Episode 1.

“TFS will be bringing you a multi-part docu-series following the life of Valholla managed artist Don Rodgers. In the first episode we find D. Rodgers narrating over old newsreel footage and archival photos. Rodgers ventures beyond the new artist “what’s-that-song-about” discussion and opts instead to get personal, as he recounts childhood memories of growing up on Chicago’s east side.”

Episode 2

“The Becoming episode 2 features Don Rodgers personal voiceover as he reveals one of his most important first memories of music. Focused on storytelling, Rodgers reminisces on his early musical influences and the person who most impacted his artistic and creative self.”

*Update Episode 3

“Don talks about the early impact and influence of his father being a member of the Parliament-Funkadelic family and what it means to have an internationally touring, professional musician to call dad.

Researchers believe that being exposed to music while growing up is not enough to develop talent, and that genetics are responsible for 80 percent of musical ability. Jerome Rodgers lent his vocal and keyboard talents to some of P-Funk’s most classic jams. As a member of the original version of P-Funk AllStars, he was right up there next to Bernie Worrell when George Clinton kicked off his 1983 comeback roadshow with Atomic Dog and is now the main piano man for the post-millennial line-up of the group.”

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