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Blogger Kid Fury Features Kirby Maurier on his site

Kid Fury Features Kirby Maurier
Here’s what he said:

Don’t tell anybody, but sometimes I actually listen to the records people send me. Well somehow this track made its way into my inbox last night and I was feeling perky, so I gave it my ear. Surprisingly, the song put an arch in my back and a shimmy in my shoulders within the first few seconds. I’m very picky when it comes to music, especially from artists I’ve never heard of, but this young woman stole my heart.

Her name is Kirby Maurier and the track is called “You”. Let’s ignore the fact that she slightly resembles Keri Hilson in that picture. Kirby is a Miami native (go figure) with a beautiful gift and damn it, I like her. So, I want you all to check out her song “You” below which is available on iTunes, and let me know what you think.

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