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Listen to “Juice” the new single from Reggae Fusion Singer/Songwriter King Charlz

Juice by King Charlz is the new single from his forthcoming debut EP, Still Searching. Charlz talked about the single and said, “Juice was inspired by the beauty I see in a woman. ‘Juice’ is mostly complimenting her style, her beauty, and her awesome personality. In the verse, I have a line that says “….Cause you need somebody remind you, and if you’re feeling lost I will find you”. I think we should always remind our queens how amazing they are.”

Juice is available on All Platforms. Listen for FREE on Audiomack below and on our playlist Valholla NOW. Add this playlist to your library. Update: Currently approaching the Top 200 on Audiomack and Trending.

UPDATE: Lyric Video Out Now

The Top 3 episodes from Black Mirror Season 4

I just finished season 4 of Netflix’s Black Mirror but I didn’t think I did at first. I didn’t realize it was 6 episodes long until a day after I watched the 6th episode. For it to be short, it still was a really good season. Here are my top 3 episodes of Black Mirror season 4.


Hang the DJ

black mirror season 4 hang the dj
My favorite episode was a tie between Hang the DJ and Metalhead but because of the endings of both, Hang the DJ edges Metalhead out of the top spot. This episode is about a dating program that pairs people up for relationships but puts an expiration date on them. I really liked the pacing of this episode and I cared about the main characters and by design, I didn’t care for others. It was a smart episode and ended perfectly.


black mirror season 4 metalhead
This episode was so well done. It reminded me of an old scary movie. The story on this episode is about a team of people making an attempt to steal supplies in a post-apocalyptic world. Also, the robots look like roaches and they are killing everyone they can find. Like I said, this is the best episode of the season but the ending, which I won’t spoil was… *Enter shrug emoji*.

USS Callister

black mirror season 4 uss callister
This was a clever episode. It starts similar to an episode of Star Trek but, something off. You’re starting off thinking you’re going to root for the captain but that quickly changes when weird things start to happen and a new recruit joins the ship. This episode was smart and its a great start to the season.

Overall, season 4 was great. Kudos to everyone involved with this series. What are your favorite episodes? Tell me on Twitter or Instagram (@VinceValholla).

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Key Takeaways from the Nielsen year end music report for 2017 + 2018 Music Business Predictions | Chairman’s Corner

Ok, I started a new YouTube channel and completely failed at consistent videos. I’m fixing that this year. In this new edition to the Chairman’s Corner, I explain some key takeaways from Nielsen’s year end report for the United States (2017). I also give my predictions for 2018. What are your predictions? Leave a comment on YouTube and stay tuned for more.

Listen to LunchMoney Lewis’ interview on The Crib

LunchMoney Lewis is one of the top recording artist/songwriter/producers to come out of Miami. He recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Vince Valholla on The Crib, which airs on Dash Radio’s XXL Station (Tuesdays 8pm ET/5 PT) and talked about his beginnings, success in music details on his debut album, and more. Listen on demand below.

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Listen to LunchMoney Lewis’ latest single H.O.E. (Heaven on Earth) featuring Ty Dolla $ign on Apple Music

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