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Listen to ‘Downtown’, the 3rd single from The Track Burnaz forthcoming Glory LP

Anytime you head downtown, it’s a good time — especially with this new release from The Track Burnaz ft Chad Dexter. ‘Downtown’ paints a lavish night full of smoking, promiscuity, and of course Henny. Cant’ forget the Henny. Here we go!

‘Downtown’ serves as the 3rd single from the forthcoming LP, Glory.

Song Produced by The Track Burnaz
Now Available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and all other platforms!

Listen to Episode 2 of Valholla Radio featuring a mix from StayLookingOut

Valholla Radio Episode 2 is up now featuring new music from The Track Burnaz, The Pyrvmids, SIN, King Charlz and the latest from Xali and Kirby Maurier. This episode also includes the world premiere of DJ Sylent’s new single Moet with Bad Azz Boon. The episode is available only on Apple Music but anyone with or without a subscription can listen, even if you have an Andriod.

Valholla Radio Episode 2


Kirby Maurier – On It
Vegas Fontaine – What I Do
The Track Burnaz – Dope
The Pyrvmids – Free Fallin’ (feat. Terry)
SIN – Unsung Hero
King Charlz – Move On
Xali – Off of the Head
Kirby Maurier – N-Sh*t
Xali – Money Vision
Realzz, Briggs (of The Track Burnaz), Christon D’or – Stupid
The Track Burnaz – Downtown (feat. Chad Dexter)
The Pyrvmids, Lil Dred, Nell – Sometimes
DJ Sylent & Bad Azz Boon – Moet