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Ron Slyda does an exclusive interview from behind bars and releases “Walking Backwards”

After joining Valholla Management in 2014, Ron Slyda released the reissue of his classic mixtape, Blue Summer. After growing his fanbase in South Florida, his legal troubles started to limit his growth.

He’s been on probation since 2015. We hear all the stories about people of color violating probation for the craziest things. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Ron.

Read the exclusive interview with Ron Slyda on Tony MC TV HERE and his new song and video “Walking Backwards” directed by @YoungWildPanda & Armando Valdes are out now! Watch Below. #FREERONSLYDA

An artist on Twitter animated my profile photo, so I Interviewed him

One day, I randomly saw the tweet below. Judging by the number of retweets I knew this artist had to have been behind on requests so I responded. Then he ended up offering to animate my cover so I couldn’t pass it up.

Here’s the finished result. (Hit the arrow on the right to see the finished version)

@scholar_king recently animated my profile pic on Twitter. Y’all check him out.

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I was happy how it came out so I ended up asking some questions and here’s our Q&A with Skylar King.

V: How long have you been creating art?
SK: I’ve been creating art for about 2 years.

V: What’s your favorite tool to use to create your art?
SK: My favorite tool would be the Procreate app.

V: What’s your ultimate goal?
SK: My ultimate goal is to make art that people enjoy.

V: Favorite film director?
SK: My favorite director is Terry Gilliam.

V: Anything else you want the world to know?
SK: I would just like to thank everyone that has been encouraging me along the way, and I hope I can grow and improve so I can create art that many more people can appreciate.

Follow Skylar King on Instagram and Twitter.

If Vince Valholla was assigned with the task of sequencing Drake’s Scorpion, here’s how it would sound.

Back in 2015, I partnered with StaylookingOut for a series called The New Order. What we would do is take albums and rearrange the sequencing including new production, in most cases. We reimagined the sequencing on albums like Nicki Minaj’s Pinkprint, Drake’s IYRTITL, Rihanna’s Anti and we did a special project sequencing the best songs from Future’s mixtapes titled 56 Nights with a Monster on Beast Mode.

They were all well received but there was a problem. They always kept getting taken down. There wasn’t a legal way to do it so we fell back. Fast forward to today where playlists and streaming rule. Now, it’s a perfect opportunity to bring back the series.

On my first listen to Drake’s album Scorpion, I liked a lot of the songs on it but I think most of us can agree that it should have probably had fewer songs. I’ve sequenced over 30+ projects/albums. The process is straight to the point. You have a collection of songs and it’s your job to tell a story sonically by arranging the order of them. Sequencing to me is an attempt to make the listener get through an entire project without skipping a single song. That’s not easy. If an album isn’t sequenced correctly, it can essentially change someone’s perspective of that body of work, even if most of the songs are great.

For Scorpion, I made an attempt to make it only 10 songs but that was impossible for me. There were too many songs that had to be on the project. I ended up keeping 18 songs, removing 7. I sequenced it keeping the Side A & B format with each album Side A ended up with 8 songs, and Side B with 10 songs.

Listen to The New Order version of Apple Music, Spotify, and soon to Tidal and YouTube Music. Let me know what you think about this version.

Also, check my album sequencing tips HERE.

scorpion tracklisting

‪Vince Valholla shares a story about the time he met Diddy‬

Story time: One night, some friends and I went to a huge @headlinerworld party for Thanksgiving. We had a table that night and it was at a real dope spot in the club. It was about midnight and @Diddy ended up showing up and to get to his table, he had to pass ours. He spotted our table and stopped to show us love (not sure why he stopped at our table). I'm in the club so I'm not about to talk someone's ear off so I didn't get the chance to tell him how much he inspired me but, him stopping was dope. _______ If you’re wondering why and how Diddy Inspired me, go to my IGTV channel. _______ #storytime #storyteller #inspired #inspiration #inspiredaily #igotastorytotell #mogul #diddy #pdiddy #puffdaddy #seanjohn #miamiproducer #producer #hiphopblog #hiphop #rapmusic #producers #valholla #valhollaent #valhollaentertainment #🏰 #vsup

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Vince Valholla‪ is a record producer and manager based out of Miami and Los Angeles. He also is the founder, chairman and CEO of ‬Valholla Entertainment‪ which the ‬Miami New Times‪ named best record label Miami in 2017. Follow him on ‬Twitter‪ and ‬Instagram‪. ‬

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