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Introducing Valholla Radio, the mix show featuring songs released or produced by our team

Vince Valholla just announced Valholla Radio, a new mix show featuring songs released or produced by our team.

“With our growing roster, of artists and partners, comes a lot of songs. Our Valholla NOW playlist allows us to put all the dope songs we have out in one place. With Valholla Radio, we’ll be able to get a little bit more creative with mixes and exclusives. I took the reigns for the first episode but we’ll have others involved with guest mixes. Stay tuned” – Valholla Chairman/Chief Executive Vince Valholla.

Listen to Episode 1, mix by Vince Valholla on Apple Music. You do not need a subscription to listen. Click the cover.

valholla radio episode 1

Kirby Maurier releases new visuals in support of her latest single “N-Sh*t”

Kirby confesses her love of marijuana by describing the way it makes her feel, ultimately propelling her to an atmospheric space. More than a “get high song,” it represents freedom, thought, and a lifestyle seldom seen of a female singer in our society.

Filmed in the Florida Everglades, the video features wildlife native to the state that is used as a natural aesthetic tool, furthering the song’s connection to earth and sky.

This video premiered on Artistic Manifesto. Check out the write up HERE. Doing The Most is out now.

Update: N-Sh*t Music Video now available on Apple Music!

Directed by Bleu Odin, Kirby Maurier, and StayLookingOut

Song Produced by Vegas Fontaine

Executive Producer: Vince Valholla

Co-Executive Producers: Kirby Maurier and Vegas Fontaine