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Sylvan LaCue breaks down ‘Florida Man’ Mixtape, including ‘Capitalistic Nature’ featuring LISTENtoSIN and BZZY

Sylvan LaCue recently sat down with 106 KMEL’s SpecialSays to walk through the entire ‘Florida Man’, the visual mixtape which dropped earlier this year. The tape featured ‘Capitalistic Nature’, which was a standout among the visual project and included bars from SIN (@LISTENtoSIN) and BZZY.

Check out the clip below and watch the full interview after the jump.

ICYMI Listen to “So Nasty Freestyle” on Apple Music.

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Valholla’s official playlist, Valholla NOW takes a new direction

Between 2015-17, our roster grew to our highest level ever. With the explosion of streaming, we had to ensure that we could get the word out about our new and essential releases to existing fans and potentially new fans. The only way to do this with streaming is with playlists. In 2017, we launched Valholla NOW. A playlist that would help new fans find the latest releases and also important past releases from our roster and production team.

It was a success because, thanks to the playlist, it helped us generate thousands of streams. After over a year of the playlist being out, it was time to revisit it. Here’s what I found:

With that being said, the playlist is now better than ever and I think it reflects how much quality we’ve released in the past few years. It serves as our “Essentials” playlist that you can share if you ever want to tell someone about our label. If you’ve been following us, and rock with our music, it would help if you “FOLLOWED” or “ADDED” the Valholla NOW playlist to your library on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal or YouTube. Choose your platform here:

Thanks to everyone who’ve rocked with us all these years. You are appreciated. – Vince

Listen to Episode 20 of The Crib featuring a mix curated by Vince Valholla

Episode 20 of The Crib aired on Sunday on Dash Radio and it featured new music from Future/Juice WRLD, Lil Yachty, Amber Mark, SIN (@LISTENtoSIN), and more. Catch Vince every Sunday on The City Station on Dash Radio.

Future & Juice WRLD – Jet Lag
Lil Baby & Gunna – I Am
Joyner Lucas – I Love
LISTENtoSIN – So Nasty Freestyle
Quavo – Rerun (feat. Travis Scott)
Pardison Fontaine – Backin It Up (feat. Cardi B)
Travis Scott – Can’t Say
Future & Juice WRLD – Afterlife
YNW Melly – Murder On My Mind
Lil Baby & Gunna – Drip Too Hard
MihTy (Jeremih & Ty Dolla $ign) – Goin Thru Some Thangz
Anderson Paak. (feat. Kendrick Lamar) – Tints
Amber Mark – Put You On (feat. DRAM)
Kirby Maurier – I’m Jus Sayin’
Blood Orange – Hope (feat. Puff Daddy & Tei-Shi)
Lil Wayne – Hittas
Kodie Shane – Sing To Her

SIN releases new music after teasing it on Twitter

SIN (@LISTENtoSIN) released a new song shortly after teasing it on Twitter.

So Nasty Freestyle produced by WiseBeats is out now on Apple Music. It will be available on all platforms just in time for #NewMusicFriday. UPDATE: So Nasty Freestyle is available everywhere now. CLICK HERE to pick your streaming service.

Official video shot by OneTwo Vision below

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How Spotify’s recent business developments could mean the end for Soundcloud

A month ago, Spotify made an announcement revealing that it had been working with select artists to directly upload their music to their platform without the help of a major label, distributor or aggregator. It was tested by a handful of artists like Noname and others but will eventually be available to all artists who were not signed to a label. This was significant because this was the first time a subscription-based streaming platform allowed artists to do this without the help of a label.

Obviously, there were one-offs like Apple Music’s deal with Chance the Rapper for example but this new development was different. Around three weeks later they announced an unspecified investment in Distrokid and with their help, Spotify users will be able to distribute songs to “other platforms”, though Spotify did not say whether Apple Music would be included.

distrokid spotify

Let’s back up. Soundcloud has been allowing artists to do this for years but they didn’t start off as a paid streaming service. Independent and grassroots artists used Soundcloud for its ease of use, accessibility, and community. On top of that, it was free to use. Today, streaming is the main source of consumption of music in the United States and the playing field for Soundcloud is way different than it was just a few years ago. Which leads me to my point.

Spotify is about to do everything that Soundcloud does for creators, and for the same cost. If I was an executive out Soundcloud, I’d be worried. But where’s Spotify’s edge? They will allow artists to upload their music for free and the artist will get paid for the streams they earn. Something that Soundcloud doesn’t allow for most artists, yet. See, the only way you could get paid from your streams on Soundcloud is if you’re on their Premier tier, something most artists on the platform aren’t involved in.

joe budden podcast spotify

Another signal pointing to this is Spotify’s recent push of Podcasts. In August, Joe Budden landed an exclusive partnership for his popular podcast. Today, you can get your podcast on Spotify simply by using an aggregator. If everything you’ve used Soundcloud for can be easily done on Spotify, this can easily shift creators away from Soundcloud.

Last month, as an artist or producer, if you wanted to monetize your music on Soundcloud, or have it count towards your album sales, you needed a Premier account. But, there was a catch. You had to get invited to the program as previously stated. Once Spotify made their announcements about direct uploads to their platform, they acted quickly to open up their Premiere tier. Today, Pro and Pro Unlimited subscribers would be eligible for their Premier tier but guess what, that isn’t free. My prediction is, more creators will start to use Spotify to upload podcasts, music, production and more to the platform. The writing is on the wall. Once Spotify opens their upload feature to all artists, we’ll see how long it takes for creators to completely abandon the service. The end of Soundcloud is near.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this article. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@VinceValholla) and tell me what you think. Also, follow our Valholla Radio playlist below on either Apple Music or Spotify. The playlist includes the hottest songs from multiple genres.