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Listen to Episode 021 of Van Lathan’s The Red Pill Podcast with Damien Dante Wayans

Every week, Van Lathan unapologetically serves his listeners the truth in the form of ‘the red pill’. Van recently made headlines when he told Kanye West everything the world wanted to say during an interview on TMZ Live. This week’s episode, Vince Valholla got the chance to add commentary on Drake’s new album Scorpion and other topics discussed. Listen below and subscribe to The Red Pill Podcast on Apple Podcasts.

@vanlathan invited me to come out during the recording of his Red Pill Podcast with co-host Damien Dante Wayans (@damiendw) and I didn't expect to actually speak at all. But Van, being the real one he is, had me chime during the show I had a great time and you have to hear the episode… very dope convo about Van's life without Oxtail until his recent trip to Anguilla, a tweet that he caught fire for, @kingjames joining the Lakers, @Drake's album and so much more. >> I got to give Damien props on how much he and his family have given to the game of television and film. I also got to meet @lorenlorosa from the show. >> Thanks again to Van for having me and I need EVERYONE to check out the episode. Van has one of the dopest podcast's out and I'm not just saying that cause I know him. The link is on Van Lanthan's profile or you can just search for 'Red Pill Podcast' on Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud to listen… Or DM me, I'll send you the link. >> #podcast #podcasting #podcasts #magahat #drake #scorpion #anguilla #lebronjames #kingjames #lakers #valholla #valhollaent #valhollaentertainment #theredpill

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“Van sits down with co-host Damien Dante Wayans to discuss the eventful week that occurred while Van was vacationing in Anguilla. From LeBron James decision to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers to a problematic tweet that resulted in the MAGA crowd coming for Van and of course, Drake’s album Scorpion and where both hosts stand on the latest album drop.”

Sylvan LaCue announces ‘Florida Man’, the Visual Mixtape with self-titled song and video.

Recording artist Sylvan LaCue announced his new project, ‘Florida Man’, which is set to be a visual mixtape experience. The South Florida native talked to Billboard’s Tony MC about the project, which is dedicated to his Grandmother who recently passed away and is an ode to South Florida.

“I brought my business partner Jonathan Benavente out to South Florida & basically took him around to everywhere I grew up. Miramar, Hallandale, Pembroke Pines, Fort Lauderdale, North Miami. I wanted to show a glimpse of the personal places in South Florida that meant the most to me. It’s like the kick off to the whole entire Florida Man visual experience. I wore an André Dawson Florida Marlins jersey for two reasons. 1.) My grandmother is from Dawson Georgia & this tape is dedicated to her. 2.) Andre Dawson wanted to finish his professional baseball career in Florida with the Marlins. It was like his final run before stepping away into a different realm. Later on, he worked for the Marlins front office & won his first World Series with the team. I’ve been an independent artist since I started my career 10 years ago in 2008. I’ve done a lot of things…. But I feel like this is my last run before the shift happens. And there’s no better way to finish, then finishing at home. The mixtape will be a visual mixtape, 10 videos, hosted by DJ Luna & DJ Bre on youtube & IG TV. You’ll be able to really experience & see South Florida for what it is. It’s also a non-profit cause, so any proceeds that want to be directed to me, will be directed to South Florida charities. Between my grandmother passing, & recent events that have happened here in South Florida, I feel more that ever, that its time for my city to come together & heal. And I hope this can continue to add / push that agenda.” -Sylvan LaCue

The 10 song/video set is hosted by DJ Luna & DJ Bre will feature Valholla’s own SIN (LISTENtoSIN) and more. Coming on July 13 via YouTube & IGTV. The self-titled song and video is out now directed by Jonathan Benavente & edited by Miami’s own Unkle Luc. Sylvan tackles South Florida legends Trick Daddy & Trina’s ‘Nann N****’, giving it his own twist while taking you down to some of the places that meant the most to him growing up.

Read his interview on Billboard HERE.

Music Video: Fatboy Shaw & Kay Wynters display top-level storytelling on their “Part One” collab

Broward County representers Fatboy Shaw & Kay Wynters delivers their new music video covering D’Angelo’s “Devil’s Pie” with a level of storytelling seen rarely in rap today. Watch and listen as Fatboy and Kay contemplate if their winning streak is coming to end. Fatboy Shaw’s new single “Water” produced by The Track Burnaz is also out now. Visuals directed by @JeeJackson5 and starring LeylaM.Ali.

Vince Valholla discusses Valholla’s expansion on the West Coast and more with Good Culture

Valholla’s Chairman/CEO recently talked with Good Culture’s Lauren Whiteman about his journey from upstart label owner to his current plans of expansion of Valholla Entertainment. In what may be one of his best interviews, read what’s next for the Valholla Empire at Good Culture. Here’s an excerpt:

“People have to be real with themselves about what kind of career they want. Do they want a career that’s gonna be three years, one hit record, and a tour that runs six years or four years? Or do they want a career that’s 20 years? And it depends on the artist. And it’s hard for them to be real with themselves if they don’t know the business. The more artists know about the business, the better it would be for them.”

Read the full interview HERE or click the image below.
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