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Webbz connects with director Unkle Luc for new visuals for his single “Talk The Talk”

Broward County Recording Artist Webbz released his EP, Transporter with great reviews from some of the top journalists in Florida. With a recent appearance on the Dash Radio show #TheCrib, Webbz announced his next single would be “Talk The Talk”. In support of it, Webbz links with acclaimed director, UnkleLuc for the second time for the official music video. Watch below and add Transporter to your library on the streaming service of your choice HERE.

Quick thoughts on Black Panther and why we should see it twice!

This isn’t a full review and No Spoilers but some quick thoughts about Black Panther. I ended up seeing the movie on Thursday. People dressed up to see it around the country. It was a beautiful thing to see. I think that this was one of my favorite movies ever. The women were the highlight of the film for me. Ryan Coogler and the entire cast and crew blew me away with amazing visuals, costumes, and strong performances which makes this one of the best in the MCU. Shuri was my favorite but it was so many amazing women in that film that…. hmm… I would say that everyone was a favorite.

Embed from Getty Images

With all the people who’ve seen it already. This made me happy. In Africa, “Black Panther “set records with the biggest opening weekend of all time in both East Africa and West Africa. In South Africa, it was the highest grossing Saturday ever in industry history.” – Variety

Shouts to @JasFly for helping raise money so hundreds of Foster and At-Risk Children saw Black Panther. So dope.

This is a special moment we’re witnessing right now. The better this film does, the more chances we have of getting people of color in big-budget movies like this one. That’s why if you have the ability to, please see it again. This will again prove that there is a strong demand for movies similar to Black Panther. I want to know what you think. I’m on Twitter and Instagram.

Update: Check out this dope breakdown of a scene by Ryan Coogler by Vanity Fair

Oh yea, the soundtrack A1.