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The Pyrvmids Releases the First Installment from His New Beat Tape Series #KeepTheChange 💵

Producer/recording artist The Pyrvmids announced his new Beat Tape series #KeepTheChange which will be released every Friday until his project #STILL drops. The 6 track tape on Volume 1 features new production and a bonus track titled ‘Superstars’ featuring Terry. Follow The Pyrvmids on SoundCloud and stay tuned every Friday for a new volume of heat.

5 Reasons Why Mark Morrison’s Return of the Mack is One of the Best Songs Ever Recorded

Look, I’m going to cut to the chase. “Return of the Mack” is an amazing song. In fact, a work of art. If you don’t think so, please stop reading and click HERE. If you’re still with me keep reading. Here are 5 reasons why “Return of the Mack” is one of the best songs ever recorded.

Timeless: The song hasn’t aged one bit since it’s release over 20 years ago. People have also mentioned that the day it was released should be a national holiday and I agree. Friendships have ended because of this song. Yes, it’s that serious.

Harmonies: the harmonies in the song were so strong that director Jake Nava created an effect inspired by it in the video. This was the first time Jake used a motion control camera to achieve the shot. Mark was split into triplets for an epic walking scene and another scene later in the video.


Video: Speaking of the video, it was perfect. It had Concord in it (A CONCORD). It had a beautiful leading lady. Cutting edge effects. This might be one of the best videos ever filmed as well. We’ll revisit that at a later date. Watch it below.

Songwriting/Flow: From the hook, verse, and bridge… Nuff said.

Production/Samples: “Return of the Mack” samples 4 songs, “Genius of Love”
by Tom Tom Club (1981), “Games” by Chuckii Booker (1992), “Rocket in the Pocket (Live)” by Cerrone (1978), and “UFO” by ESG (1981). Mark Morrison and Phil Chill masterfully put together these sounds to make something so classic.


Mark Morrison
has nine Top 10 singles in the UK and was even signed to Death Row at one point. Mark is a legend and he will go down in history for recording one of the best singles in the history of music. I just nominated “Return of the Mack” to be added to the National Recording Registry and although it’s intended for preservation as part of America’s heritage, I think this song deserves inclusion.

So if you’re inviting me to a BBQ, party or anything… make sure you have “Return of the Mack” on deck.

Watch the Kilo Directed Visuals for ‘That’s How It Goes’ From Regalife’s Own Marv Pax

Regalife Records own Marv Pax gets gritty in his new visuals for his first single ‘That’s How It Goes’ off his upcoming project “Life’s A Forest”. With the help of visual artist Kilo, Marv is in rare form. Stay tuned for more music and check out his latest project ‘Rare Soul’ out now.

The Track Burnaz announce the title of their forthcoming full-length LP in a new trailer

Chart-topping production/songwriting team, The Track Burnaz announce the title of their new forthcoming full-length LP with a trailer exclusively on Apple Music. Directed by The Track Burnaz and We On Films.

After their debut release of the MIA 2 LAX EP, an amazing 1st quarter of 2017 with production on two #1 albums (one certified Gold) and a single impacting radio, The Track Burnaz announce the title of their upcoming full-length LP, ‘Glory’ with a new visual. The Miami bred, LA based production/songwriting trio is aiming to prove that they are more than just producers, but creators. The LP will feature Singer/Songwriter DB Bantino, Realzz, Chad Dexter and more. ‘Glory’ will be released later this year.

Song Credits are Virtually Missing on Streaming Services

Valholla Chairman, Vince Valholla starts his new YouTube channel with a post about liner notes and the lack of access to them on streaming services.

Song credits from liner notes are one of the things I look forward to seeing when I buy a physical album. Today is a different time. Most people consume music digitally on streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, and YouTube. Finding liner notes or credits on streaming services aren’t easy so in this episode of The Chairman’s Corner, I explore this and how artists and labels can help this until streaming services catch up.

Watch the video below and Like, Comment and Subscribe.