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Valholla Entertainment has been one of the most consistent music labels based out of Florida. Our Hip Hop/R&B releases have gain national attention and we continue to push the envelope. Our latest release, “Doing The Most” from Kirby Maurier debuted on Nielsen Soundscan’s R&B charts, which was hasn’t been done by an independent singer based out of South Florida since 2011.


Valholla has adapted to the ever changing music market by adding Artist Management to our list of specialties. Valholla maintains the ability to produce an album, start to finish, and follow through with a release, all in-house. We can also produce visual media to support of said album, in-house. Valholla Entertainment’s headquarters are located in Miami, Florida.


Marketing is handled by Valholla Subsidiary, Bleu Odin. This company was created to potentially offer our marketing services to other companies. Bleu Odin was added as a division of Valholla Entertainment in May, 2011. Bleu Odin also provides media support including production of music videos, commercials and print media.

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