January 12, 2017 Vince Valholla

Aaliyah’s Greatest Hits are finally on iTunes, but for How Long?

Sometime around January 11, I saw a tweet that said that Aaliyah’s biggest hits were finally on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify. I checked it out and was happy but I looked at the distributor and imprint and it said “Craze Productions”. Complex reported that back in 2013, this same company, which doesn’t actually own the rights to any of Aaliyah’s music put up some of her music on iTunes. The music was eventually taken down. Complex also did a really great story about Aaliyah’s catalog and if you haven’t read it, you have to check it out.

So check it, there’s a strong possibility, Ultimate Aaliyah will be taken down so you better download it on iTunes before that happens. I’ll update this story as it develops.

UPDATE (1/12/17 @ 5:30 PM): Hours after posting this the album was pulled from all platforms.
via Billboard

“It’s still unclear what inspired the Aaliyah release this time around — or if Craze Productions had legally obtained the music this time — but Rell Lafargue, COO of Reservoir Media (the current rightsholder Aaliyah’s entire discography) told Complex that the company’s lawyers were “handling it” and fans shouldn’t expect to see it available for long. Looks like he wasn’t kidding.”


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