November 21, 2016 Vince Valholla

This Weekend Made Me Notice Something…

Ten years ago, I stood in the studio you see in the photo above, working on one of our first releases. Valholla has come a long way since then and this weekend, nearly our entire team and roster came together and it was a huge moment. The Valholla roster and management team has changed a lot this year so it was amazing to get (nearly) everyone in the same studio I started my career in. We got to listen to unreleased music, watch upcoming videos, recorded but most importantly, we got to vibe together.

It’s no doubt that we have one of the best rosters in the game right now. Regardless if you agree with that or not, the world will know it very soon. Thanks to everyone who came out that night. Thanks to my entire management team. Thanks again to all the artists that trust us with their careers. Their success is our success! Our team is stronger than ever and I’m super thankful. See y’all in 2017!!!


Vince Valholla

Vince Valholla is Chairman/Chief Executive of Valholla Entertainment, Inc. Valholla is a full service Music Label & Management Company based in Miami, FL. Valholla's 2015 release of Kirby Maurier's "Doing The Most" was one of the highest selling independent R&B albums in the South Atlantic Region. His opinion is his own.

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