January 23, 2016 Vince Valholla

Dreezy Is One of my Favorite New Artists

Not sure if you’re familiar with Dreezy, but she’s one of my favorite new artists. The first time I heard of Dreezy was from her video for ‘Chiraq’. But, it’s not until I heard her latest EP, ‘From Now On’ released on Interscope late December (2015) that I really started to pay attention.

‘From Now On’ is short but really showcases her skills as rapper. In 2014, Noisey named her the “Princess of Chicago Rap”, and now I see why. I’m betting that she’ll make noise this year so if you haven’t checked out her new EP produced by Metro Boomin and 808 Mafia, do so now.

Dreezy – From Now On
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Here’s her new single featuring Jeremiah – iTunes


About Dreezy

Seandrea Sledge aka Dreezy was born on March 28, 1994 and was raised in the southern portion of Chicago, Illinois and throughout her childhood, Sledge has moved to a number of locations due to her parents being separated. To escape the poor upbringings, Sledge looked into fine arts, which assisted her to depart her some of the realities of her life. Sledge has tested dancing, writing, and singing, however her expertise in writing has painted her grow to as a singer and songwriter, but she advanced singing and drifted towards rapping around the age of 14 and from there onward, her expansion as a rapper has been notable.

As Sledge burrowed into rapping, she became good friends with fellow Chicago female rapper Sasha Go Hard and made an appearance on Sasha’s song “I Ain’t No Hitta” in 2012. In February 2013, Sledge released an collaborative Mixtape with fellow Chicago rapper Mikey Dollaz titled Business N Pleasure.Afterwards, she later independently released her first solo mixtape titled Schizo through AOE Records in February 2014.

In April 2014, she released her remix of YMCMB rapper Nicki Minaj and Lil Herb’s “Chiraq” and received general attention, with many fans claiming that it was more likened than Minaj’s version. The remix later garnered her attention and landed her a collaboration with rapper Common on his tenth studio album Nobody’s Smiling. In December 2014, it was announced that Sledge signed a recording contract with Interscope Records whom in their favor dropped fellow Chicago rapper Chief Keef a few weeks ago. On December 25, 2015, Sledge released an EP titled From Now On to Digital retailers and streaming via Interscope Records. From Now On was produced by Metro Boomin and 808’s Mafia. via wikipedia


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