December 19, 2015 Vince Valholla

Sylvan LaCue x Fortune ‘EVANGELINE EP’

Been a fan of Sylvan LaCue’s (formally QuEST) music for a few years now and I finally got the chance to listen to his new five-track EP which serves as a prelude to his album Far From Familiar. After listening to it, I had to personally let Sylvan know how much I enjoyed this EP. Press play and vibe out cause This is Fire. (Shout out to Fortune for the production on this)

Sylvan LaCue x Fortune ‘EVANGELINE EP’

“The creation of the Evangeline EP came about fairly effortless. Fortune & I were going back & forth for about a week during Thanksgiving weekend earlier this year. He provided the soundtrack to the story I wanted to convey. I cut four of the songs in a matter of a week, and pulled together ‘First Flight To Oakland’ the day before the EP was scheduled to be released.”Sylvan LaCue via Pigeons and Planes



Vince Valholla

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