December 10, 2015 Vince Valholla

How Scott Weiland, MTV and the Stone Temple Pilots helped expand my musical taste

When I was young, I watched a lot of MTV. If you’ve ever watched Bevis & Butthead, you’d remember that they would play music videos in between scenes. They mostly played Grunge Rock, Pop Rock, a little hip hop and a lot of pop. During one of the episodes, “Plush” from Stone Temple Pilots was featured and it was around that time that I started to expand my musical taste.

Little did I know, if it wasn’t for MTV, I would have probably missed out on hearing some of my favorite Rock or alternative songs from my childhood. Nirvana, Metallica and so many more bands helped me appreciate a genre (or genres) that I’m so glad that I was introduced to. The first time I even heard about Journey was from Bevis & Butthead (I’m an unapologetic Journey fan now). So, Thank you MTV, RIP to Scott Weiland and I’m thankful that I was introduced to Stone Temple Pilots and so many other bands and artists.

Oh, Here’s the Bevis & Butthead episode that I’ve seen 100 times

This Metallica song and video is CRAZY

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