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Valholla Celebrates 10 years… Here’s Photos of the Celebration and Kind Words from Friends

Thanks to everyone who helped us bring in 10 years!!

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Here’s some personal notes from a few friends via email and twitter…

“I’ve known Vince for a few years now. I remember when I initially reached out to him back in 2012 in regards to his artist, Kirby Maurier. Since then, I’ve watched Valholla evolve into the brand that it is today. I’m happy to be amidst great company as we step into a new-age of business, entertainment, and media for our industry as a whole. I always take pride in witnessing the growth of a movement. It’s a pleasure to take part in celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Valholla Entertainment. The future is near!”

– Aquaus Kelley (VP, A&R at PalmPheon Music Publishing)

“I remember shooting for Valholla back in 97 in Miami at various events…. I appreciate the love the crew showed me. Im not surprised to see them still doing it. Only Champions get up everyday and WIN! Shout out to Vince and the whole Valholla crew. Respect!”

– Al Tejeda 99Ways Ent.

“10 years for any company is Not an easy Task or Accomplishment ,especially for a Young Minority ,so with that said ..I have to say Big Respects to Ceo n fellow YUE ( Young Urban Entrepreneur ) Mr. Vince Valholla !! i watch this young Brother put ,sweat n tears , and his Money to make a way not just for himself ,but countless others aswell !! That type of individual is a very Rare comodity in the world which we all live in today !! My Brother A Big Congratulations to to you on Not quiting and Staying the course and fight the Good fight towards Success !! I Pray that You and Valholla Family will keep Being Bless by the our Great God n the Laws of the Universe will aline correctly and Reward you and your team that deserving Success which you have put your Work in to EARN !! God’s Speed on to those Grammys and Many more Accolades to Come …which 10x10x10 more years Of Wealth and Health to come !!”

– Biz

“They say time flies when you’re having fun.
I can only imagine how fast it must feel, when you’re not only living a dream, but making history in the process.
I know Ten years is just scratching the surface, of what is yet to come for this innovative empire!
Valholla Entertainment has, without a doubt, set the bar higher with each passing year!
On behalf of your entire fan base, I’d like to Congratulate You on this incredible milestone! And wish the entire Valholla Family, a very Happy Anniversary and Cheers to many more!”

– Gina C.

“Since I’ve known Vince and he has gotten me hip to Valholla, I’ve had the upmost respect for his vision and talent. Everyone on Valholla is talented and anyone who has the pleasure of working with Vince in any capacity should be considered lucky…..Happy 10 year and to much more success!”

– Felisha @JxstFE

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