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Webbz names 5 Albums that Inspired ‘Medicinal’

This year’s release of the EP, ‘Medicinal’ from Webbz, produced entirely by Young McFly is arguably one of the best independent Hip Hop releases of 2014. We can hear influences in ‘Medicinal’ but what albums inspired it? We decided to ask Webbz what 5 albums inspired him during the making of ‘Medicinal’.


The College Dropout by Kanye West

“[Kanye] Ye is Young’s favorite rapper and we’re both Roc a fella stans… Great full body of work, the last song on here is one of my favorite” – Webbz


Reasonable Doubt by Jay Z

“Jay is my all time favorite. This album is my also my favorite from him… his lyricism on this LP was unmatched…”


Life Is Good by Nas

“I love this album because he’s 40 plus and hasn’t missed a step. Dope body of work, lyricism at its finest. Slept on album.”


Name is my Name by Pusha T

“I loved how he did the album he wanted with no compromising bars & dope beats… PERIOD”


Watch The Throne by The Throne (Jay Z & Kanye West)

“The best doing it on one project… we wanted to make music on the same level as the greats… We wanted to raise the bar.”


Get The Medicinal EP Today on iTunes and all other online retailers. Stream it on Spotify or Soundcloud.

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