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6 Artists That Released Some of Their Best Work from Albums produced Entirely (or Mostly) by Timbaland



Timbaland is one of the best record producers of the last 2 decades. He shines on every album he works on but something really magical happens when he produces a bulk of an album. Here’s 6 artists that have had their best bodies of work released under the direction of Timbaland.

1. Aaliyah, Album: One In A Million – Released August 27th, 1996
[This album isn’t on Spotify…SMH]

This was a definitive album for Aaliyah and probably her best.
Timbo didn’t produce the entire album but he (and Missy) shaped the sound of the album.


2. Ginuwine, Album: 100% Ginuwine – Released March 16th, 1999

Although Ginuwine’s first album was good, this album had more fire on it.
Timbaland had production credits on nearly every song on this album and may be his best body of work to date.


3. Brandy, Album: Afrodisiac – Released June 28th, 2004

I really don’t care what anyone thinks… This was Brandy’s “Thriller” album.
Not in terms of sales but the fact that this is definitely her best body of work.
From start to finish, Timbaland and his team really put their foot on this project. Still sounds amazing today.


4. Nelly Furtado, Album: Loose – Released June 7th, 2006

Haven’t heard any other Nelly Furtado album but I can guess that
no other album she’s released has been as dope as this one.
Timbaland really shines when working with Pop artists because he
doesn’t deviate from his vibe. Tim produced (or co-produced) more than 80% of this album.


5. Justin Timberlake, Album: FutureSex/LoveSounds – Released September 12th, 2006

Man, where can I start about this album… This was JT’s best body of work to date and is one of the best albums released that
decade (Don’t debate me bruh). The style of merging one song to
the next was genius and the production on this album was FLAWLESS.


6. Chris Cornell, Album: Scream – Released March 10, 2009

I’ve been a fan of Chris Cornell since the video “Blackhole Sun”
came out with his group Soundgarden. For someone who is known for
heavy rock to do an album with Timbaland is a huge risk and I
commend him for it. From start to finish is infectious music and
if you’ve never heard this album do yourself a favor and listen
to it ASAP!!! The song transitions are reminiscent of JT’s album
and overall has to be one of his best bodies of work. His
hardcore fan may not feel this album like I do, but Chris is legendary nonetheless.


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