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If I had to Pick a List of My Top 5 Female Rappers Out Right Now, Lil Debbie Would Be On That List



When I first heard of Lil Debbie I didn’t take her too serious. I mean, she was affiliated with Kreayshawn. Then I started seeing Debbie’s solo material and I was wondering to myself, “Do I really like this stuff?”. Yea, I did like it. The music was cool, the visuals were on point and Debbie looked authentic. Fast forward to when she dropped “Bitches”, I knew that if she kept going, she’d be huge.

If I had to pick a list of top female rappers out right now… She’d be in my top 5 . Hold up, I know what you’re thinking. “There’s SOOO Many Females Out Right Now… You Trippin”. Nah, I’m not tripping… I can’t think of 10 females rappers that have been as consistent as her with the music and visuals. There’s some dope female rappers out right now (Besides Nicki and Iggy) like Katie Got Bands, Rapsody, Nyemiah Supreme and a couple others. But the problem with most of the female rappers outside of that, They aren’t consistent.

I never met Lil Debbie but if I had the chance I’d work with her, I would. She apparently works harder than a lot of other rappers and I definitely see her doing HUGE things in the future if she keeps working. So, when you hear about Lil Debbie selling a shit load of records or just doing something on the mainstream scale like Nicki or Iggy… Hit me and tell me… “You were right”.

Here’s her new video:


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