May 19, 2014 Vince Valholla

Why I think Michael Jackson’s Hologram at the Billboard Awards was a great move



Last night 10.5 Million people tuned in to the Billboard music awards.
I personally would have tuned in anyway but I really watched it to see how the Michael Jackson performance would look like.
Tupac’s hologram that appeared during Coachella was really good, (to me).
When I heard about a MJ Hologram, I was kind of worried. Sidenote: his 2nd posthumous album “Xscape” got a lot of flak before people heard the album.
The album is a really good project overall.
So I knew that I had to remain optimistic about this.


Fast forward to last night, about an hour and seventeen minutes into the Billboard awards, the performance started.
Once the curtain was pulled I shook my head because the hologram looked wavy as if it was a screen that had wind in-between it. Then MJ’s Holographic face…
Almost on point, same with the lip movements.
The Holograms body movements almost mimicked MJ to a tee. Overall It was good.
Wasn’t perfect but it was a good move.
Lets face it, we’ll never see Michael Jackson grace the stage again.
Why can’t we experiment with the idea of having new original performances conceptualized as if he was here?
I hear, “He may not have wanted it that way”, but guess what, I think he would want his legacy to live on.
He never said in his will or in an interview that he didn’t want this type of thing to happen.
This idea to do it is bold and risky… that’s why I fully support it.

While he was alive, Michael Jackson took risks.
Should unreleased music be locked away forever without his true fans hearing the best of his “music he didn’t think was good enough”?
I think risks should be taken in order to keep MJ’s legacy alive.
Why not? Because he wouldn’t approve? Sometimes we need to stop being so possessive with artists that are no longer here.
Michael isn’t here anymore, but I think he would want us to continue to keep his memory alive.
I truly think that this is what he would have wanted.
I support smart bold moves. You should too.
Long Live The King of Pop.

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Vince Valholla

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