May 15, 2014 Vince Valholla

Meet RA IMAGE, one of Florida’s rising visual artists in this exclusive Q&A



A few months ago I found out about a visual artist (photographer/videographer) named RA IMAGE. I saw his name on a couple new videos and photography that streamed across my timeline so I got curious. When I saw his work I really was impressed. Sometimes, I see creators and think to myself “In 5 years, this guy/girl could be considered one of the best”. So I ended up reaching out to him because I like to know people who have a chance of changing the game. I asked him a few questions, and here’s his answers- @VinceValholla

Vince: When people see your work what feeling do you want to invoke?

RA IMAGE: Free, more than anything. I just want people to feel in general whenever they take time out their day to watch any one of my videos or projects. I try my best to make my work as personal as possible, almost like a insight of whats on my mind creatively. So all I could really expect for is for people to have a free will mentally in order to love or dislike what they see.

V: What’s one of the funnest projects you’ve worked on so far?

R: “Substance Abuse” Short Film without a doubt. I believe it was my first year of videography and I just remember how much me and a brother of mine Motive who also directed it, just didn’t care who saw it or what the outcome would of been, let alone what we thought of it. It was a free spirited project with nothing written down and just full of mistakes but I loved every minute of it and in the long run inspired the foundation of what I really wanted to do.

V: If you could look down 50 years from now, do you still see yourself being a photographer or just working on art?

R: I know for a fact I will always be a photographer, having a camera alone saved me from my area and as a person as well. Art is something thats progressive, most artist are in their prime at an old age so I’m pretty excited about what I would be creating by then.

V: What keeps you going (to pursue your art)?

R: The thought of what will happen if I keep going. I can’t stress that enough. I don’t feel the same when Im not working on something passionately. Wether your in art or anything else, quitting deprives you of knowing what would of happened if you would of just kept going.

V: Is there a specific artist or photographer that inspires you?

R: Mos Def is probably one of my favorite artist most people don’t know much about his art background though but I think as a person his music is what helped inspired me to think and feel like an artist.

V:What’s the most important thing that you’ve learned?

R: To never fear working on your own calendar. To me personally the world is moving way too fast to keep up with for the most part and its easy to get caught up with things, people, situations and etc. After a while I learned not to fear being on my own schedule, doing things when I personally feel ready creatively. In a way everything gets done right and on time at the right time. You just have to invest more time in who you are in order to plan out where you want to go.

V: What are your upcoming music videos or projects?

R: Right now Im focusing on a few projects with Kidd Adamz and Mr. Alexis, its a collaborative short film that i’ll be working on this summer. Im a big fan of testing my limits and challenging my friends so who knows maybe a lot will happen this year or maybe just one really dope project but no matter what you see its going to be organic and original as it should be.

See more all of RA IMAGE’s work at and follow him on Twitter @RAIMAGE

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