May 14, 2014 Vince Valholla

How Kirby Maurier received her Masters Degree while writing/recording her upcoming EP


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Kirby Maurier is not only a talented recording artist and songwriter, she’s also extremely smart. She recently received her Masters degree which she earned while writing and recording her upcoming EP, “Doing The Most”. Not sure if you ever went to college to earn a Masters but that ain’t easy (Sidenote: I haven’t). I’m extremely proud of her. She already earned her bachelors degree so did she have to get a Masters? Depending on who you ask you’d possibly get different answers but she really didn’t.

She already has a promising recording career and could do just fine without it. But, she did anyway. She’s determined and took time to study while recording new music and doing work with her Miami Music Museum project. I say all that to say this… Whatever you want in life, stop talking about it and DO IT! She could have easily not done it but she did. So if you have a goal you’re trying to reach, stop waiting for the perfect moment start NOW.

Ever since meeting Kirby, she’s gets everything she puts her mind to and I can’t wait to see what she’s about to do next.

Kirby Maurier was also honored this week by receiving the Florida State University Thirty Under 30 Young Alumni Award.


Vince Valholla

Vince Valholla is Chairman/Chief Executive of Valholla Entertainment, Inc. Valholla is a full service Music Label & Management Company based in Miami, FL. Valholla's 2015 release of Kirby Maurier's "Doing The Most" was one of the highest selling independent R&B albums in the South Atlantic Region. His opinion is his own.

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