March 31, 2014 Vince Valholla

Apple’s Worldwide Retail Takeover – GIF




“Apple opened its first brick-and-mortar store back in 2001, and they’ve spread to pretty much everywhere since, as you

can see in this animated map from Business Insider. Is there anywhere you can go where there isn’t an Apple Store nearby?

Love ’em or hate ’em, you can’t really escape the warm Apple-shaped glow of these stores. That is, unless you should find yourself in

Africa or Antarctica, the only Apple-free continents. But presumably they’ll end up in at least one of those eventually. Apple now has well

over 400 stores all over the world and that number is only going to grow. Sure, you’re well aware of Apple’s retail omnipresence, but

to see it illustrated like this puts it into perspective as to just how everywhere these stores are. “- Leslie Horn

gizmodo/Business Insider

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